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Gossip: The War of Words

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The words sting like salt thrown on an open wound. How could somebody say such horrid things about you? Anger builds while you ponder everything you dislike about them. You are too furious to think rationally. You sit with your phone promptly in your hands. It would be so easy to text everybody on your contact list a lie about her. Then she would feel the way you do. Then she would know how bad gossip hurts.

People all around the world know how painful words can be. When gossip gets spread around somebody always ends up hurt. Many ask why anybody would start a rumor in the first place. It could be a misunderstanding, a disagreement, or even a full-blown fight that starts the war of words. It is so easy to carried away in the moment and say things you don't mean. Even if you are talking to somebody you think you can trust, you can never be too sure your message won't be repeated.

The practice of talking about other people without their knowledge is everywhere. People of all ages do it, a lot of times even without realized what they are doing. Something that starts out being, "I didn't like the way she did her hair today," could end up being, "I hate her hair." Even something said in a carefree way like, "It seems like she has a crush on everybody," could turn cruel and end up being an insult like, "She's a slut." Twisting words is one of the most common ways lies get started.

If somebody has a bit of a disagreement with another person they might talk negatively about what happened. This could get people talking and a small problem could turn into, "So-and-so is mad at so-and-so." When people start pointing fingers harsh words are almost always said. If you avoid telling people with "loose lips" about things that are unsettling until you are fully cooled-off, it can stop a lot of potential fights.

The last but probably most effective way rumors are spread are by fights. What started as two people that were mad at each other could turn into a huge problem including others. During fights people more than likely say things that they don't truly mean. Like mentioned before if you get caught up in the moment you can start talking negatively about someone you eventually become friends with again. Don't focus on why you are mad, look at what you can do to make the situation better.

Gossip is hurtful, rude, and disrespectful. Everybody has felt the effect of what words can do. If you are in a sticky situation with another person you need to be the better person and not make any irrational comments that could end up coming back to bite you. Remember to stay polite and never fight fire with fire. You never know. you could regret it someday.


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