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The Mysterious of the Mysterious: Part 3

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Panic gripped me as I stared at the huge group of people and chat bubbles. I didn't see her for several minutes as I fished through all of the different avatars surrounding me. Cloudy and Dawn looked a bit stunned, as well. At last, I gained the courage to take a deep breath and venture deeper into the mess of virtual people. It took two more minutes, but I finally pinned Kpuff's anime eyes and stylish hair. She was chatting with some random surfer dude. "Kpuff, what are you doing?! We have a mission to accomplish!"

Kpuff glared at me; I shivered at her steely look. "And that's exactly what I'm doing, dummie. Just hear what this guy has to say." I stared at the other Whyvillian (who proudly sported the username "surf47,") expectantly. His shiny blue eyes were hollowly boring into me with his blinding grill grinning away. "Um. Aren't you going to tell me what you know?"

He just blinked and said as if he had just awoken from a daze, "Uh, yeah. Like. I heard that the Help Center was like. Soundproof, you know? Duuuuude. I heard it from stacy2! She's the gal you're looking for if you want news."

"O . . . kayyy," I muttered, slowly backing away through the crowd. Kpuff followed me. As we hopped back in her scion along with Cloudy and Dawn, we discussed our discoveries from chatting with the other Whyvillians. "Dawn, you go first," Kpuff ordered. Dawn expressed with a shrug and a shake of the head that she had no luck. "Cloudy?" Kpuff murmured, a small frown beginning to form on her face. "Uh, no, nothing."

"Well, Mylo and I found some guy who had heard that the Help Center is soundproof." Blank stares were returned to her "great discovery."

"And?" Dawn muttered, dramatically crossing her arms. Kpuff furrowed her brows. "Don't you get it? This piece of information massively explains why I didn't hear the roar. That, or you guys were just imagining things." Dawn gave Kpuff the fierce if-you-seriously-think-what-you-just-said-is-true-you're-gonna-die kind of look. Luckily for Kpuff, just then the scion stopped and we all leaped out of the orange car before Dawn's threat could actually occur. We all strode into the Whyhouse; Cloudy shuddered and gazed at the vacant corner from which the roar had come from.

"D-do you really think a monster's up to this?" he asked, fear obviously sugar-coating his voice. Dawn patted his back unaffectionately. "Yep," she said mercilessly.

Kpuff stroked her chin, as if she was in deep thought. "We'll solve this, Cloudy. Don't you worry." I nodded, seemingly agreeing with Kpuff's promise, but I wasn't so sure. "I hope we will," I murmured, closing my eyes and sighing.

Suddenly, another great roar pierced my ears for a second time that day. "Woah!" I cried, crawling into a corner and covering my ears. I wasn't sure if I was imagining it or not, but the ground was shaking. All but Kpuff did similar things as me. My eyes widened to see Kpuff advancing towards where the roar was. I then heard a "Crap! Stupid slow computer . . ." and a "Hey! Get off me!"

I worried for Kpuff's sake until I realize that voice was unfamiliar. It was some other impostor -- another witness to behold, perhaps? I took a hold of all of the courage I possibly could and stood up, creeping towards the corner in which Kpuff had ventured. "Hey, Kpuff . . .?" With a proud voice, I heard her. "No need to fear anymore, guys. I caught her!"

"Huh?" I inquired, extremely confused. When my imaginary dust faded away, I saw the face of a pink-haired civilian with an unhappy look on her face. I hovered over her and gasped when I saw the username "stacy2." I had heard about her from the surfer dude; she apparently knew all of the rumors and was always up-to-date with the news. "Who's she?" I asked, warily poking her "i <3 rock" t-shirt just to make sure she wasn't a monster in disguise. "She's an impostor, isn't she?" Dawn guessed, staring critically at the girl.

"Far from it," Kpuff stated, still having a firm hold on stacy2. "She's the one who's been coming to Whyhouse and roaring all the time. I'm guessing she enjoys scaring people and enjoys getting a ton of fame for 'solving the problems' and 'knowing everything.' I've seen her type before -- nothing to worry about."

"But what about the ground shaking and the fog and all that scary stuff?" Cloudy protested, bawling his fists and trying to look as defiant as he could. Kpuff laughed. "That's just your imagination. Anyways, it's time to give stacy2 a lecture."

I beamed, quite happy that the "monster" was caught, and we did it all by ourselves. I was sure that this was the one.


Later that day, stacy2 admitted that she had gone to the Whyhouse, roared, and then poofed to cause great ruckus. She also admitted that she had done various other crimes, and that Kpuff had caught her squarely in her reasons. I was extremely happy that I could peacefully roam the Whyhouse once more, and so were my friends.

Problem solved.


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