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Real Bling Bling or Just a Look-A-Like?

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I have noticed a lot of fake medals throughout Whyville, as well as some very happy and unhappy remarks on the matter. I have both an interest and a concern in what the people of Whyville have to say about the fake medals that can be purchased at Akbar's Face Mall, compared to the veteran medals that you earn. To get a more rounded view I have interviewed two different sides, asking them both questions appealing to their side.

The first to speak her mind about the subject is itsmetory, a 5 year veteran to the site.

binksterr: What are your thoughts on the fake medals being circulated around Whyville?
itsmetory: Though these fake medals are not one of a kind, as their are others, I feel that these exact replicas completely demean the whole purpose of having veteran medals. Now anyone can pass off a medal as a symbol of commitment and dedication to this site. They no longer hold the value they use to.

binksterr: Do you wear you medals? If so why?
itsmetory: Of course. I know they are not something I worked extremely hard for all I had to do was become a whyvillian to receive them, but they are of some value to me. My medals represent that I am a proud citizen of Whyville of 5 years and no one can take that from me. What do the fake medals represent? That you know how to properly use Akbar's Face Mall? Like seriously, I feel like after five years of my putting in time on here I now have nothing to show for myself, besides a medal that someone who just joined like a month ago has as well (the only difference being, one of mine sparkles) . . .

binksterr: Do you think Akbar should have accepted this product?
itsmetory: To be bluntly honest . . . No. I don't think Akbar should have accepted this. I know it's just a medal, and no harm can come of it, so there was no reason not to accept it. Still I don't like going into rooms with people who have been on one month sporting a medal identical to the one that took me five years to get. It is just really upsetting.

binksterr: How do you think this will affect Whyville?
itsmetory: I cant quite say how this will affect other people. I can only speak for myself. However, I do think that some Whyvillians will stop respecting those with medals. I can see a lot of people trying to pass off a medal saying he/she is an oldbie and I do think that this could possibly cause more of a fuss between Whyvillians.

binksterr: Is there anything else you would like to add about this topic?
itsmetory: I would just like to say if you have a fake medal, that is great. Just please be respectful and don't wear it like it's some sort of veteran medal to you. I am aware that it is just a part, and I respect that. I am just asking that you respect the people who have actually put the time in and earned their medals.

Next we have Miilkdud a veteran of four years, who is willing to share with us her input on the situation.

binksterr: What are your thoughts on the fake medals being circulated around Whyville?
Miilkdud: Personally I don't think it is that big of a deal.

binksterr: Do you currently have any real/fake medals? If so do you wear them? If you do not have any, why?
Miilkdud: No. I do not have either kind of medal. I'm not about to waste like . . . I don't even know how much it is on a fake medal. It's completely pointless when you get the real ones for free. I do not currently have any kind of medal of any sort, but even so if people really care about when I joined just check out my City Records.

binksterr: If you would have seen them while they were in stock would you have bought one?
Miilkdud: Probably, it's just a face part. If people are so concerned about when a person really joined and if the medals are real or not then they can always just check their City Records. Those don't lie.

binksterr: Do you think Akbar should have accepted this product?
Miilkdud: It really is unfair to judge a face part just because it's a medal. So I don't see why it is a problem. There are others, are there not? They might not be as good, but they're still out there. So it would be an unfair form of discrimination if they were to not be accepted.

binksterr: How do you think this will affect Whyville?
Miilkdud: People always make a big deal out of nothing. If people choose to make a big deal out of it, then this is one of those times. It's just a face part, like I said before if it's such a big deal for everyone there is always a person's City Records that can be easily accessed and checked to make sure the medal is legit.

binksterr: Is there anything else you would like to add about this topic?
Miilkdud: We have remakes of Senators' crowns, why would a remake of something as silly as a medal be such a big deal. The City Records don't lie, remember that.

I would like to thank both of these lovely ladies for sharing their thoughts about this subject. Both express very good points for their side. I would also like to thank you, the reader, for your time in reading all of this. I know it was rather long, and I would like to apologize for that. Now maybe you might have a better perspective on both sides when it comes to the real and fake medals that are a part of Whyville.


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