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Get Creative For Summer

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Ah, summer at last! Time for the beach, vacations and what not. The weather's heating up and we've changed from our pants to shorts, hoodies to tank tops. For some reason or another though, people on Whyville still prefer to be dressed for fall/ winter. There's nothing wrong with that but I think it's time to get into the summer spirit. It's time to get some use out of the summery face parts in Akbar's. Here's some summer look ideas!

Aloha Hawaii

Head: Perfect Tan Head by: 1shoper price: 25
Shirt: Hollister lil' cute tank by: ducky464 price: 80
Hair: Catharsis by: ducky464 price: 25
Flower: Golden Hawaiin flower ALOHA by: angel4678 price: 25
Lei: Welcome to Hawaii by: racer456 price: 99

Cool By The Pool

Drink: Refreshing Yummy Lemonade by: TBlover04 price: 25
Hose: Summer Fun Garden Hose by: spizzy price: 25
Glasses: 'Jealous' much by: karma1013 price: 60
Hair: I'm Fading by: ducky464 price: 75
Shirt (x2): "needd" some llaughhs by: ducky464 price: 217

Indian Summer

Head: Head-Indian Summer by: KeshaJ price: 30
Shirt: Indian summer porsche by: porsche26 price: 25
Headband: Gypsy headband by: stELtrain price: 75
Hair: Trust Me by: Over30 price: 35


Tail: Merperson Tail 0yargpixie0 by: YargPixie price: 40
Starfish: Save the Reef Starfish by: City Hall price: 10
Water: Save the Reef Water by: City Hall price: 10
Shirt: You're just a line in a song by: Ednarogi price: 134
Hair: Beneath The Sea by: Monolith price: 85


Since it's summer, I'll include a contest! If you can name the location of this fun summer activity on Whyville, you'll win a makeover of your choice! The winner can chose from any of the looks featured in this article!

Contest Rules:
1. You must Y-MAIL me your answer. If you post the BBS you are disqualified.
2. You cannot send guesses on multiple accounts.
3. The subject of your y-mail must be: Summer Contest. If you forget this rule you will NOT be disqualified, but it would really help me to sort out the y-mails if you put the subject as that.

Contest Details:

If you win the contest, I will send you all the required face parts for the makeover (so it won't cost you in the style studio). Then we can set a date for your makeover in the Style Studio if you'd rather I put the parts on you, then you will be refunded your 5 clams through a Clam Gram to cover the Style Studio charges.

Hope everyone has a spectacular summer!


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