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Noah and Kirk

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It was the second-to-last day of school for Noah and Kirk. They finished grade 10 . . . barely. These boys didn't enjoy writing essays and reading books about ancient stuff, but they did enjoy playing video games and burping "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. Their styles were quite unique, but their parents didn't find them too appealing. Kirk's mother hated his hair that looked like he had got caught in a wind tunnel.

City Hall was holding an assembly that required all the students to be there. Noah and Kirk dragged themselves to the Auditorium to listen to what City Hall had to say, not like they cared.

Kirk had a plan. He could hack in to Ergle's laptop and change the winners of the awards. Kirk told Noah about his plan, and of course, Noah thought it was brilliant. They gathered supplies and snuck in to the school.

They creaked open the door. Ergle was blasting Justin Bieber through the stereo so he didn't even hear Kirk and Noah. They grabbed Ergle and tied him up to his chair.

They ran back to Noah's house and went to sleep. Yeah, it was a sleepover on a school night. REBELS. The next morning they went to school. The yearbooks had been printed and ready to hand out. They changed the yearbook so that they won, well, almost everything. They won the 'Most Likely to end up a male super-model' award, the 'Best Hair' award, and they even added a new award. It was the 'Most Likely to save a princess' award, you know, just for the ladies.

After they exchanged numbers with a couple of girls, they started to walk home. Before they could even take a step, they were interrupted by a strange noise coming from the bushes.

What could it be? A rabbit trying to find some food? Or a prince looking for someone to find his princess? I've said too much.

-Poppinx3 and bObami

Author's Note: Thanks to all the people who took the time to be in our comic!


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