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Everything in Moderation

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I flopped on the couch, completely stuffed. I had definitely eaten too much. There was a wide variety of foods at the picnic, but I just ate more and more potato salad until I didn't have room for anything else.

I thought back a while to before lunch. I remembered someone saying, "It's healthier to eat in moderation." and someone else replying, "Auntie, you say that about everything. What about life?" and "Auntie" replied, "What would the world be if everyone lived forever? Sad. Life wouldn't be precious anymore. Nothing could make us happy. Everything needs moderation."

Everything in moderation. This quote, to me, seems it could make sense with anything. Name something, and I can find a reason it needs moderation. For example, cars. Cars need to be used in moderation to reduce our pollution. Animals. If there are too many of a certain animal, the whole food chain can be thrown out of balance. Education. One needs to have a healthy balance of learning, working, and even having fun.

Throughout the endeavor of matching any object or action with moderation, there was only one that really stumped me. Love. Of course you can think of it logically, like with education, balancing time with the ones you love and with other activities. But, what is logical about love, truly? You can't put it on a schedule and balance it with the rest of your life. You can't pass up a chance to love your family because you're going to be late for soccer practice. And, mainly, even if you do try to lay down a schedule of time to spend with those you love, you may still be thinking about them when you're doing other things. So, that is one huge exception.

Dictionary.com defines a moderationist as "a person who favors, supports, or promotes moderation. " According to this article, you readers likely believe that this is who I am for the most part. I can honestly say that this definition sounds like what I'm trying to put across - To be slightly moderationist, to try to keep your life open and balanced. But perhaps, if you're like me, you're not exactly a moderationist, because of that one wonderful, illogical exception.


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