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I'm Not Very Good at Saying Goodbye: Part 1

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School's been out for about a week. Part of me wants to be with Bailey as much as I can. The other, more dominating part doesn't know what to do. In fact, it seems like nobody quite knows what to do. Most people would go straight to their best friend with their problem. "Lucky me," I thought. My best friend is the problem.

I pulled my oversized pink comforter over my head that was nestled in my fuzzy green pillow. Staying in bed all day wasn't going to solve my problem but I was too upset and lazy to do anything else. As I checked my phone to see what time it was it vibrated. "One incoming text," the digital letters read. I didn't feel like talking to anybody, but my curiosity made me click "read". I was expecting a long mushy text from Bailey, but was wrong. Instead was a short text from my best guy friend Chase.

"hey how u been," it read. I was a tiny bit upset it wasn't from Bailey, but I was glad to a little contact from somebody outside of the moving drama. "been better," I text, my mind far away from the message I was sending.

Instantly he texted back. "missed u at Phi's party" For the first since Bailey told me she was moving I snapped back to my social life. The party. Phi told me she was going to send me an invite. A pang of sadness hit my crumbling heart. I wasn't invited.

Phi was a bubbly girl who had lots of friends but I was one of her first. In fact, she was even my friend before Bailey was. Phi and I sort of drifted apart by the time we were in junior high, but we'd always remained friends. I felt that familiar lump start rising in my throat. I'd gone to Phi's end of the year parties since 4th grade. Why didn't she invite me this year?

As if he read my mind, Chase shot me a text. "oh wow um r u mad about it?" "guess it's my lucky summer" was all I wrote. I didn't expect him to text back but he did anyways. "hey im srry. Btw ur not the only 1 sad about Bailey moving" I felt lonely for him. Bailey, him, and I were a trio. She might be my best friend but she was one of his too. Before I could write back he texted "what are u going 2 do b4 she leaves?" I paused. "idunno hbu?" It was the truth. I had absolutely no idea what to do.

I felt the phone vibrate beneath my limp fingers. What came next I couldn't have ever expected. In the lonely black letters was the thing that changed my summer. "I think im going 2 ask her out." My phone dropped to the floor. I was truly speechless.


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