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The Secret of the Bird

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Author's Note: This comic may not make sense if you haven't read my Jim articles. Search ocean10kv in the Times and a list of my articles should come up and you can go through and read the Jim articles so this comic makes sense.

Things have settled down quite a bit since I last saw Jim in October. Nothing exciting has really happened . . . nothing until now that is! Word came out that the Whyville Bird would be making an appearance at the food court. I was so excited! I absolutely ADORE the Whyville Bird. I love that feathery little guy. I rushed right over to the Food Court.

The line up there was huge! I waited for hours and hours on end to get my chance to meet him. I was getting closer to the front of the line . . .

Just when I was almost at the front of the line, the stupid bird declared that he was leaving!! I waited there for hours for nothing!

The Whyville Bird was in a hurry to get to a meeting, the City Workers wouldn't be very pleased with him if he was late. So he decided to take a shortcut and say, "Hi," to Chuck on the way.

All of a sudden, someone jumped out from the shadows! Who could this be??? You guessed it . . . Jim!

Meanwhile . . .

I was devastated that I didn't get my chance to meet the Whyville Bird! So I decided to go search for him hoping he'd still be in the building . . .

Later that day I decided to go to the woods . . . everyone was whispering and talking about something! I asked a bystander what was going on. They handed me a copy of the Times and I saw the cover page . . .

Well, I guess it's time to put my detective skills to good use. I'm going to find the kidnapped City Workers. Shouldn't be too hard right?


Author's Note: Thanks to Corporate, hostiIe, and OldTime for volunteering their avatars to help out with this comic.


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