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Confessions of a Cheater

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Cheating: to break the rules in a game, examination, or contest, in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage.

Recognize this definition? I sure do. I know where I have seen it happen too. Cheating is something that we probably do once in our life. We copy an answer off of a test, or break rules to win; there are countless ways to cheat.

Cheating also happens in Whyville. Everyone knows that the summer contests have started in Whyville. You also know that you can cheat on almost every single category. You see that person in the number one spot and envy them. I have be the envier and the one being envied. In both positions I was unsatisfied. I was either disappointed that I wasn't even close to being on the list and I felt bad to be the one taking that first place spot from a good and honest person.

I remember when the summer contests came out in '09 and I had my old account Star13211. I saw the same people in the number one spot and I wanted that. I wanted the pearls that I was too cheap to buy and wanted that propeller hat with the ten on it to be mine. I learned how to cheat in the Welcome Lounge in late June of '09 but never took it to the extent as I did this year.

On this account IKnewIt2 I feel experienced. Being a citizen almost two years has taught me almost everything I need to know including how to cheat. I cheated on the summer contests in June just like I did this year and it brought me to first place in Most Popular Whyguide and second place in Most Dedicated Y-mail Helper. I was happy, but I was stunned I had it in me to cheat.

It took some time to get my mind to think that cheating is ok. I mean you still have to work at it right? To be a popular Whyguide and get first place in the June contest you had to be dedicated. I spent about two hours everyday until I was happy with myself. I am a perfectionist so I worked my fingers to the bone on that keyboard typing in tour after tour after tour. I know many people who cheat just the way I do. I want to take this quote from mrjose911 to show what he says about his cheating.

"I know you guys say I am a cheater. I know I have cheated and I am sorry for that. I do because many other people do to . . . but for now on I will play and play with the heart of the game!!!"

That is what many do. They cheat because others do. That's what I do. Some people say they will stop and they really do. Others will start again. I don't want to be number one or even be in the spotlight. Just to be on the list. If other people didn't cheat it would be fair. Everyone finds a loophole and you can cheat. If more people would stop cheating maybe I'll stop.


Author's Note: The definition of cheating was from encarta.msn.com/dictionary. And everyone please be respectful in the BBS. This article was written to get people to realize what cheating is, not to argue about.


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