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Revalle, The Land of the Undead: Introduction

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Deeply burrowed in the dense forests of Northern Europe lies the haunted land of Revalle. The area was stumbled upon by a brave adventurer from England in the early 1200's. He decided to leave his home country in hopes of finding a less aristocratic land. Much to his pleasure he found the exact place he hoped for. He quickly contacted his wife and his three small children, and they joined him in the cryptic land.

Before the land was discovered by the adventurer, it was only populated by one family. Any suspicious thoughts the adventurer had towards the fact that such an enchanting place had hardly any occupants quickly dissolved. The adventurer sent away for more of his fellow Englishmen to join him in the newly found land. Soon the area which they named Revalle was full of people, but something wasn't right. The people would enter Revalle was ease, but nobody was leaving. In fact, not a single soul had left since the English had started moving in.

The situation grew even more delusional as the years passed. The children were still young; their porcelain faces never changed. Nobody grew, and their bodies stayed in absolute perfection as to when they entered Revalle. Nobody was aging. Nobody was progressing. It was if time and everything surrounding it had been frozen. As if the bizarre situation couldn't get any stranger the people acted as if they were in a trance. Nobody knew what was going on; nobody cared. No one, that is except Genevieve and her family.

Genevieve was different from the rest of the townspeople. It wasn't just her ivory colored skin and almond shaped eyes that made her stand out amongst the crowd. She was the daughter of Henry and Lavodia Kale, the original settlers. They had lived in Revalle centuries before even the adventurer had stumbled upon the land. She remembered back when Revalle was filled with people like her family. When it was populated by people that knew the secret to why the land was frozen in time. Back when the town was infested by lifeless zombies like her.


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