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Willingness to Live

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Author's Note: In this article I explore the topic of death, and of course the wonders behind the whole experience. I also explain my own experiences and take you on a ride through it all.

When someone looses someone close to them, whether it is a friend moving away or the death of someone close, you begin to see life in a whole new perspective. Life turns your way sometimes, but other times it may turn the other way and create an enormous amount of emotional stress. When I entered high school, I believed that everything was fine, my friends would stick with me and everything would be okay. Some of my friends have become distant from me, and it is painful to witness. I knew of the concept "friends come and friends go" but I never realized how hard it can be.

When we lose someone close to us, our emotional stress begins to rise. I try to deal with my emotional stress by crying. Crying helps to release stress, and to release some amount of sadness that you are trying desperately to keep in. In tough situations, it's always good to talk to someone about it, because it does help you cope with whatever is bothering you. What also helps me is writing or activity. When I am expressing myself using something other than words, it just feels right. I feel like I can express my drawings and also express myself in creative writing techniques. I believe I can cope with emotional stress and I can deal with it appropriately.

This is a very emotional topic to cover. Death is very serious but also in a way enchanting because you don't know where the person is, but you can feel them in your heart. I feel the presence of the people who were close to me that have passed, or have become distant from me. The moment would feel devastating, I felt shocked, and I felt unwillingly to live. But I began to think, if they are really gone, why can I still feel them? I can feel them in my heart, they're not really gone, they're just invisible.

Everyone has experienced shock, or a sudden burst of reality sinking into your soul because of a tragic event that has just happened. As we grow the person is with us forever, they begin to grow with us. One day I will see what that's like; I will see what it's like to be missed, to be talked about and to be written about. I want to feel myself in the person that has lost me and is always by their side.

I thought my life was over. I felt like I had no hope for anything, but then suddenly, I felt relieved, and I felt happy again. I felt as if nothing was wrong anymore. I believe there is a heaven, and earth and a purgatory. I feel like the people I have lost are now in heaven, they're happy and cheering. This experience definitely changed my life because I am a different person now. This is all a part of my social development and my willingness to live.

I feel like I'm stronger and can accomplish my goals, I can achieve anything I desire. I am the strongest I have ever been in my entire life. I can do anything, and I am ready to face the world. I am accepting of death, and I am aware that there is life and death, and everything happens for a reason. Whatever is in store for me, I am ready!


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