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You walk down the hallway at school sporting a new sweatshirt you fell in love with at the mall. All of a sudden the most popular girl at school walks up to you and says, "Seriously? A sweatshirt? Nobody wears those anymore. You're so uncool." You're hurt. That sweatshirt was cool in your mind. You loved it. My question is, what makes people think that they can decide what's cool and what's not?

In our society everything is labeled cool or uncool. People are labeled popular or unpopular. This really bugs me to think that because something is uncool to the most popular girl at school, it has to be uncool for everyone. People's interests get no respect because they aren't what's "in" at the moment. Also, who decides who's popular? Most of the time the popular kids decide that they are the popular ones. Popularity is something I don't believe in because people have different friends and you may be popular in your group of friends but not another.

Self proclaimed "popular" people bug me. They think too highly of themselves. Why do they get to decide what is cool? Every person has their own set of things that are cool to them but many times they are smacked down because they are not what has be declared "cool" Everyone has different interests but many people don't respect that. If we were all identical clones, life would be pretty boring. Today, there are people who don't realize that, they want everyone to be like them. That's pretty sad.

One of my favorite hobbies is writing, I doubt that that's considered cool by any of the popular kids at my school. The music I listen to might not be cool either. The thing is, this doesn't matter to me. I've finally got it through my head that it doesn't matter if what I like isn't cool or respected because as long as I like it that's all that matters.

All I ask is that the next time you go to call something uncool, think twice.


Author's Note: I realize that not all popular kids are as described in the article. I'm talking about people who proclaim themselves more popular than someone else and try to decide what's cool. Thanks.


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