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I was playing checkers on my computer when the idea struck me to go back on Whyville. So today I logged back on for the first time in more than six months. I became excited as I remembered why I used to log on to this website every day after school, on the weekends, and any other time I possibly could fit a few minutes in. I remember Akbar's, the Trading Post, chatting, making friends, and reading the Times. I had been completely addicted to Whyville.

The first thing I did was stop at Akbar's for some face parts. I told myself I would just get a few since I didn't know any of the new designers. To my surprise, I discovered that not a lot had changed. Many of my old favorite face parts were still available; there was even a lot of new stuff from the designers I've loved since the beginning.

Once I had all of my parts paid for and on my face, I realized I had a serious problem, my new hair made me look like I had one giant eye on the right side of my face. It had looked pretty cute close up, but far away? Not so much.

So back I went for a new hair. I ended up with four, plus a halo. Then I remembered that it has always been impossible for me to leave Akbar's with just one face part. I guess some things never change.

Once I had my face in order I remembered the actual reason I had logged on to Whyville in the first place. I moved my mouse over to my cute little orange bus, which was thankfully in the same place as always or I'd probably never have found it, and located the checkers option.

I was alone at first, but a few seconds later a girl followed behind me. She hadn't been on Whyville long, judging by her clothes (no offense to anyone who wears newbie clothes, there is nothing wrong with them). Her skin was dark, her hair was the black wavy bob, and she was wearing the orange shirt. She was dressed exactly like one of my favorite friends on Whyville from the old days the day I met her. Incidentally, we first started talking over a game of checkers.

I quickly checked this girl's name to make sure I hadn't fallen into some sort of strange time warp. Her name was different so I was confident I was still in the year 2010. We played a game of checkers and I had my butt kicked. I wasn't really concentrating; I had the urge to write . . .

I guess the point I'm trying to make with all of this rambling is despite the fact that I quit, I'm glad to be back. This website carries a lot of memories for me. Horribly failed attempts at articles for the times, face parts I paid way too much for at the trading post, stupid fights I started over things that didn't matter, and friends I still wish I could y-mail.

Even though Whyville has changed a lot since I started out, the things I loved haven't gone away, and I think I can learn to deal with what I don't like. So thank you, Whyville, for keeping the core of what you are the same, and the record of the girl I used to be, in existence.



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