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Noah and Kirk: Part Two

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When we left off, Noah and Kirk had changed the yearbook so they had won all the awards. Right as they were about to leave, they heard a noise coming from the bushes. Quite a cliffhanger, eh? I know, I peed my pants with excitement too. Now let's get you off that cliff and continue with the story!

The sound from the bushes were getting louder and louder, until something jumped out.

Noah and Kirk were relieved. It was just a man in a bunny suit, totally common. They started to walk home. As they were heading down Myville Street they heard footsteps, but not regular footsteps. Horse footsteps. They looked down the street to see a funny looking guy wearing a toga.

Who the heck was Prince Lancelotto and why did he 'desire the presence' of Noah and Kirk? Excuse me, Sir Noah and Sir Kirk. FANCY SHMANCY!

I guess that idea for changing the yearbook didn't turn out as well as they thought it would. Instead of getting ALL the girls, they got a guy on a horse asking them to save his girlfriend because he's 'SICK'. We shall continue thy journey next weekITH! Hehe, It's funny 'cause I sound like that prince guy.

-Poppinx3 and bObami

Author's Note: Thanks to iBeCookie for helping us with our comic!


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