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The Secret of the Bird: Part 2

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I've been so bored lately that I was pretty happy to hear that there was a mystery to be solved! I couldn't wait to track down whoever had been kidnapping the City Workers. I investigated each crime scene as more and more City Workers were taken. Unfortunately I was always a step behind.

(At this point in the article, I would like you to hum the theme song to the Pink Panther as you witness the chase scene)

(You may not cease humming the theme song to the Pink Panther)

This went on for some time, City Workers disappearing and me being a step behind each time. There WAS a clue though! At each crime scene I found a brightly colored feather. What could this mean? I'm yet to find out.

I decided to take a little break from sleuthing, and go brag about how great I am! I was in the middle of bragging when I got a Friend Finder!

I went to the mall fountain to meet the stranger who sent me the Friend Finder. When I got there the place was EMPTY! I was just turning to go, when I felt something hard hit my head. I fell to the ground and everything went black.

Suddenly my dream morphed into a nightmare!

Then everything went black again. I blinked a few times then opened my eyes. What I saw would give me nightmares for the rest of my life.


Author's Note: To any Justin Bieber fans out there, I'm sorry but I can't control who pops up into my dreams and what I do to them. Also, thanks to Freakzo for the use of your avatar.


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