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Why Do You Look Like Everybody Else?

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When you go to Akbar's Face Mall you probably know what you want. A cool beanie you saw at the South Beach or those shirts everyone is talking about on the BBS. Trends are everywhere in Whyville and when you go to the Face Mall that is what many people are looking for.

Let's time travel back to January of this year. Plaids and messy buns were the biggest trends. You saw them everywhere on everybody. I wanted them both so badly. I was not able to get on the computer at the time of the restocks and I wanted to have them. I remember finally getting messy buns and plaids. By the next two weeks they were out of style and called "newb parts" because they were in stock for a while.

Trends are always changing. In '07 it was blonde hair, let's bake muffins, and teddy bears. Now it is beanies and wambamsam shirts. See my avatar. Sure it has some of the parts you don't see on other people, but look closer. See the same base everyone's using and the plaids that I still love wearing. I look a little original, but let's face it. I don't really have my own, new style.

I got this title from a BBS post. I was a fashion post of likes and dislikes of avatars and on page 11, the following was posted by bradenara: Why is your face so scrunched up? Why do you look like everyone else? It occurred to me then, why do we try to look so alike? Why do we so desperately want to fit in and be liked? First impressions are everything and your look is the first thing people see. Why are we all altered clones?

People are inspired by different and original looks. We think people who dare to be different are good if they do it in the right way. Take Lady Gaga for instance. She is so different with what she wears and many people have been saying it inspires them. She wears thing you wouldn't even think about having in your closet. Some things are not the best, but others are amazing and that is what people love. On Whyville we like people who are original too. I got an interview with bradenara, the inspiration for this article and the person who dares to be different.

IKnewIt2: Do you normally do the "Rate my Avatar" posts on the BBS?
Bradenara: Occasionally. I only post when it's someone who lacks creativity or just clearly cannot put a proper face together.
IKnewIt2: Do you feel people on Whyville care too much about what they look like?
Bradenara: I think everyone in the entire world cares about what they look like, but there is not a "too much". While some might say that beauty is only skin deep, it's the first thing anyone sees about us, and I'd like to make a lasting first impression, if you catch my drift.
IKnewIt2: Why do you dress the way you do and what inspires you to dress that way?
Bradenara: I dress the way I do because I believe in freedom of expression and fashion. I'm a costume design student, and I love taking what I've learned and applying it to my life. I draw a lot inspiration from history and great women of the past. Jacquelin Kennedy in particular. I listen to a lot of early Bowie and a lot of Dresden Dolls.
IKnewIt2: Do you like when people dress originally?
Bradenara: Of course I do. I love seeing someone who sticks out of the pack or doesn't fit a stereotype. Now, there's a difference the dressing crazy trying to get attention and actually having your own personal style. But no one has their own style, fashion is dead, we're looking back, there is no future in clothing, no new ideas to make, repeat repeat repeat.

What Bradenara is saying is true. Fashion is dead and we are looking back. Look at what we wear in real life. Take skinny jeans. People think they are great and different, but in reality they are just your regular jeans, but with thinner pant legs. I want a true difference, but will that happen? Even on Whyville you see the same clothes you would see in real life. Some people are more creative with what they wear and that is great. Everyone should try to be that way. I am not saying it is bad to go with the new style, but maybe you could start something new.

Here I go hoping for a sense of creativity,
- IKnewIt2


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