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Stay Innocent

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In the world we live in today, everything is about living "in the now." Everybody wants a fast car, a big house and a skinny babe under his arm. We wake up in the morning, spray on our perfume, and get ready for a high-paced, fun filled day in the sun. But wait, slow down and take a second to breath. What was life like before you liked being clean? Back when boys had "cooties" and girls were "icky?" What was life like . . . being innocent?

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting my beautiful, 23 month old cousin, Isabelle. She is half Chinese, half Canadian and lives in Taiwan. I think it's safe to say that she is the most beautiful child ever born. Even my mother agrees, and we're a very tight family. Every time I look at her, and see that adorable smile, I think, "Wow, she's going to be quite the little heartbreaker." But then, I feel bad for her. She has to grow up in a world full of racism, drugs, and violence. Her innocence will only last so long, until she realizes that the world is far more exciting than puppies.

Isabelle is less than two years old, and is already fluent in both English and Mandarin. We can have perfectly normal conversations, and I know that she has potential to be a beautiful, brilliant child. But who in this world will respect that?

Her innocence inspires me. Yes, some two year-old that I met last night inspires me to become a better person. I know that she has potential to change the world's circumstance. I hope that the world will stay bright to her, and doesn't quickly darkened as it does for many young children. Some you can even meet here on Whyville. I hope that she can learn from a young age that the thrills of the world are meaningless in the end.

Isabelle, and all of the others in this world, remember: Live right. I may seem old school and lame, but where does alcohol and hook-ups really get you? Dirty names in your high school? Being disowned? Living in the streets? Is that really more fun than what you have now?

You have the power to say no, and not partake in the horrible things going on in the world as you read this. So make it happen, say no. The world will thank you.


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