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How to Draw a Male Face

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Drawing a male face is quite similar to drawing a female face. Most of the steps are the same, but my methods for drawing a male are different than for a female.

Same rules apply as before! No ruining your drawing or sketchbook in the process of drawing!!! Also, put on some music. I find that I can't draw unless I have some music playing. So plug in some music and let's get started!

*Use a normal No.2 pencil for the rough sketch*

- Draw the shape of the head, remember not to make it perfectly round. It should have a cheekbone and jawline.

- Draw in the rough sketch of the eyebrows and eye.

- Define the eyebrows with a boxy shape. Remember that this is a guy so the brows can be thicker.

- Draw a crease over the almond shaped eye.

- Define the tear duct in the inside corner of the eye.

- Draw a large circle that takes up a fair amount of the space in the eye, this is the iris.

- Inside the large circle draw a smaller circle for the pupil.

- Inside the pupil draw a small square which will show the light reflecting on the eye.

- The nose is always tricky to draw. Make sure that you bring it down from the left eyebrow all the way down to the middle of the face. Try to base it as much as you can on the example.

- Start the mouth off with a stretched out "m" shape and go from there.

- If you want teeth showing I must warn you that teeth are absolutely the most frustrating thing to draw! If you're willing to attempt drawing teeth here's a few tips: Don't have the mouth open too wide because you just want the top teeth showing. There has to be some space at the top for the gums. You can try drawing a pattern that's kinda like "mmm"

- Below the bottom lip draw a curved line to help define the chin.

- The neck line on the left should be angled with the outer corner of the left eye. The right should be continuing down from the jawline.

- Draw the outline for the hair and any extras you'd like (ex. hat)

For shading use a pencil with darker thicker led. An 8B pencil is probably the best for shading.

- Shade in the eyebrows then draw in darker lines for hairs.

- Outline the crease of the eye and the entire eye.

- Around the larger circle darkly trace then lightly color it in.

- Color the pupil in pitch black.

- Make sure to leave the square white.

- Draw lines in the darker circle for spokes.

- Use a smudger and add a shadow at the top inside the eye.

- Guys eyelashes aren't as defined as girls. Just add dark shading on the top of the eye.

- Shade in on the sides of the nose then blend it out with a smudger. If you don't have a smudger you can use your finger.

- Color in the lips and lightly shade in between the teeth if they're shown.

- Shade in a triangle shape below the nose.

- Shade in creases on the face if the guy is smiling.

- Shade in the mark you made below the lip to define the chin.

- Shade in the jawline and the rest of the face. A smudger is highly recommended for this but if you don't have one you can use your finger.

- Shade accordingly. The darkest shadows should be the jawline, the shadow of the head on the neck, and the Adam's Apple.

- If the guy you're drawing has any imperfections, add them in with pencil. Just dark specks on the face. This helps it look more realistic.

- Shade in all the hair then blend it in. Draw lines through the hair and darken places then blend it in. Run your eraser over the hair a few times for highlights. Repeat this whole hair process until satisfied.

- Add any details you want like a hat or shirt.

And that's it, you're done! That wasn't so hard now was it? I hope you found these tips helpful!


Author's Note: I would just like to point out that these aren't some of my best drawings. But these are the simplest ones to draw. If I was to show you how to draw the better, more complex ones that would mean more steps and only 9 pictures are allowed per article.


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