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Summer Eye Makeup Application: Tips and Tricks

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Summer's a time for the beach, shopping, hanging out with friends, etc. You probably want to look good while doing all this right? Well I'm here to show you some easy steps to apply some summery eye makeup that you can wear anywhere, except swimming . . . cause if you wear it swimming, well you're going to look terrifying afterward.

Here's a simple look that uses mostly browns.

- Blend in concealer under your eyes. I use "L'Oreal True Match"

- Dab some powder under the eye, this will catch any extra shadow that falls.

- Using normal scotch tape, tape the corners of your eyes so you can get an edge when applying the shadow.

- Using a pink-beige color, cover your whole lid using a regular shadow applicator. I use Rimmel London in "Chocolatine."

- Use a crease blender brush and apply a dark mauve color in the crease and bring it out to the tape line. I use the Quo treasure box.

- Below the brow and on the inner corner of the eye, use a highlighter. I use the Rimmel All Over Pencil in "Destiny".

- Take the same color shadow you used in the crease. Use an angle brush and apply it to the lower lash line.

- Take a liquid black eyeliner and apply it to e top lash line. Start out thinner and get thicker as you reach the outside corners of the eye. Let the eyeliner make a wing. If applying liquid eyeliner is hard for you, gently pull the outside corner of the eye so you have some what of a straight line. The eyeliner I use is L'Oreal Paris Liner Intense in "Carbon Black".

- Use an eyelash primer on the top lashes. I use Revlon Lash Fantasy (only the white side.)

- Apply a black mascara on both the top and bottom lashes. I use L'Oreal Paris Telescopic in "Carbon Black".

- If you want to do something to your eyebrows you can use something like Quo Brow Focus. First you apply the waxy side to the eyebrow, then the powder side. I do not recommend plucking your brow.

And that's all there is to it! Here's what it should look like when complete.

Remember . . . unless you want to scare anyone within 100 miles of you away, I recommend that you do not wear non-waterproof makeup swimming!


Author's Note: My apologies for the messiness of the Quo Brow Focus, haha!


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