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Blaze: Part 4

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The pain took me so quickly. It was all I could register in my head, even as Emma hovered over me. "See? Didn't I promise?" she smiled. Vincent stood at her side, helpless and injured, as she unsheathed the bloody blade. "Stop, please!" I screamed. She brought the blade down, and I feebly pushed my hand in the way. Another streak of pain. My palm was cut open, and she shrieked in frustration. "Stay still!"

I dragged myself away with the good hand, but she stepped on my foot. "Don't move!" I screamed at her in defiance as I kicked her in the knee and dragged further away. I got to my feet, and wished I hadn't. The pain in my legs was worse than my palm and chest combined. I ran though, I ran like I'd never run in my life.

Emma snatched my hair, and I stared at her. Her blue eyes were no longer blue. They were pale white, the color of a blind person's. Water streaked down her face, and I realized she was dead. I screamed and she threw her hand over my mouth. I clenched my eyes shut at the sight of her. She wasn't as beautiful as her life had given her. She was paler than snow in the moonlight. She closed her eyes and breathed in, just once. When her eyes opened, they were the rich blue they had once been. "Look what happened to me, Sarah . . ." she moaned softly. I did not open my eyes.

"Look at me!" she screeched. I opened my eyes and stared up at her. Her chest bled. Her hair was matted down to her face. She was still beautiful, in an eerie sense. She's haunted my dreams for a very long time. Never once had I been this afraid, this was no dream though. I screamed, waiting to wake up.

"Sarah, stop!" she hissed. "Why won't I wake up?" I asked through my tears. "You have no idea how long I've waited to have you here with me, truly here," she sighed softly. "I've grown sick of visiting you in your dreams, my sweet sister."

I closed my eyes. "Why are you doing this? Where's Vincent?" I choked. She laughed. "Vincent is very strongly protected by that Greek goddess. She won't let him die, not now. And she certainly won't give him to the sister he never cared for, will she?"

It was logical.

"Why am I here?" I asked bluntly. "You tell me why I'm here," she shot back. "Seriously, Emma, stop playing these games. Why am I here?" I asked again.

"I'll tell you the story of my death, my sweet sister," she sighed.

"I have known about Vince and his Greek goddess, Adonia, for some time," she started. "About a year and a half ago, I asked him where he was going at night. He responded 'It's none of your concern, Sarah.' So I followed them one night. I found out that Vincent is . . . He's beyond human. Apparently Adonia has loved him for an eternity and has waited for him for centuries. I was enraged by this, as she said it was because he was so lovely looking. So I stomped out into the woods and asked her what the issue here was. Why was he chosen to become a god when I was far too lovely to remain a human?

"So she struck me once across the face. She said I didn't have a pure enough heart. I just went back to the house. I threatened Vincent to tell Mom if he didn't get her to make me one of them, but he didn't. He said if I went to tell her, Adonia would know, and she'd stop me.

"I finally had enough. I went to tell Mom. Vincent tackled me to the ground and held a hand over my mouth. He was so strong. I couldn't fight him. And then Adonia came from the darkness and she picked me up. I couldn't find my voice, I couldn't scream. How could I call for help if I couldn't even move?

"And you knew, too. When I suddenly found my body, I'd run away. And you, like their little Doberman, chased after me. You were always the runner anyways. I came to the river and I knew we were far, far away from home. Vincent and Adonia approached. 'Push her in,' Adonia told you. So you did. You shoved me into the river and you held me beneath the surface. And Vincent and that God forsaken dagger. I saw him hovering above the surface of the water. And then there was the splash and the stab of pain in my chest. Adonia had you two do her dirty work, and you just held me down. Do you have any idea how long I suffered? When you let me go, I lived. You all walked away, but I struggled for my life for the longest five minutes. And then I just couldn't anymore and everything faded away."

I looked up at her. She was beautiful in a terrifying, morbid sense. Her clothes stuck to her skin, her hair matted down to her face. Her porcelain skin was glowing.

"Don't leave me alone," she said softly. "I've been alone too long," she sighed.

"Let me go," I cried out. "I'm so lonely, Sarah, my dear," she whispered quietly.

She blinked. I blinked. Pain slowly made its way through me. Slowly, like the trickle of a single drop of water down a window. I looked at my hands, vanishing before me. Disintegrating.

"I won't be lonely anymore."


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