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Dreaming. You do it in your sleep, or you daydream. Either way, I love to do it. It helps me come up with ideas to write. And it's like my personal novel. My favorite novel.

It could be a dream about someone who flies, high up in the sky, or someone who runs a bakery shop down the street, or someone being chased by a purple and green dinosaur with a baseball bat made of bone. (Barney . . .?)

And that someone is you.

You could dream of anything for any specific reason. Maybe you're hungry, sad, lonely, excited, happy, sick, or maybe it was something that happened that day, or some movie that you watched.

Point is, my dreams are like my personal idea book. It's one of the few ways I come up with things to write. And yet, I think it's my first priority if I feel like writing a short story or my own novel. Heck, it even helps me in NaNoWriMo! (See my other article or Ywp.NaNoWriMo.com for details) But not only is it my own idea storage, but some dreams even make me want to finish them before I wake up or snap out of the daydream. Unfortunately, for me, my dreams never occur twice. Or, if they haven't already, end.

That's how it's not like a personal novel. They only rarely end completely. That's why I really have to think and combine the few dreams that end and the fresh ideas, and then I feel accomplished. They actually do end if I make an artificial ending. Then the books are closed, only to be thought of again when I open up my real-life idea book . . . aka my journal in purple duct tape.

Dreaming is a huge part of me. I wouldn't be writing articles for the Times without ideas from dreams I've had. I wouldn't be writing all these short stories (that I have not yet submitted, yet hope to, to the Times) without dreams. I'm not saying it's the only way I think, but I'm saying that it makes up 75% of the mental me.

Some people don't dream. Some, and most, don't dream in color. But I do. I'm very glad I do. Without dreaming, I wouldn't be where I am today, hoping to become a famous author. Step one? Dreaming. Step two? Writing. Step three? Submitting and editing.

I don't fly with those assignments in school where they tell you to come up with ideas forcefully.

This is kandy334, signing off to get some more sleep.


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