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Spectacular By Nature

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Spectacular By Nature

Far-Flung Reporter

Hello, and of course you know where I'm talking about, don't you all? Yes, that's right, Niagara Falls, Canada. No offence meant there, I'm sure Niagara Falls, USA is a great place, but I've not been there so I cannot report on it. I have been to the other side of Niagara many times... so let's start with the tourist traps.

Behind the Falls is a great experience. Though they have moved the barriers considerably back, it is still wonderful. Mum says you used to have to don heavy rubber coats, hats, boots, and pants to view the falls from behind. Well, I was handed a plastic poncho I got to keep. It was yellow.

When you go down in the elevator, you have to walk down a narrow tunnel; then the tunnel splits into two. Straight is to the base of the falls, and to your right is behind the falls. Our family goes to the right first.

As you're walking along, there is an arm off to the left -- you go down and look out into tons and tons of water falling. The rail is about 6 or 7 feet from the edge of the tunnel. The reason is that the roof at the edge is crumbling. Next, you go back to the tunnel, going right. When you get to the end, it turns left, once again out to the water. It's the same case as the first viewing spot, only this one is filled with money. I even saw a twenty in there!

After that we go back to the main tunnel. There is a shut off tunnel going to the left off this tunnel, but it goes to the old power plant's let-out station. Ignore that door, keep on going straight. You'll come to a staircase. Go up, and then you will be at the top of the deck at the base of the falls. It's wonderful to stand there and just look and listen.

Then, go back down and go outside. You are on the ground, at the bottom of the falls. You'll get really wet, but it's fun.

Maid of the Mist -- I've not been on this, but it doesn't go as close to the falls as it used to. I hope to go on it this summer.

Oh, and for those who don't know, I'm starting my tour at the falls and moving with the flow of the river, downstream. I've tried to go down the parkway, but it didn't work too well. See the map.

Whirlpool Rapid's Board Walk -- OH MAN! I loved it so much. The boardwalk starts with a little museum, but we look at that last. You go out and walk along the board walk. Hey, it sounds boring, but it's great. You get to see all sorts of plant and rock formations. Eventually you get to a place with a staircase. You can walk on, but I like to go down the stairs. They takes you to the river's edge. The green of the water, height of the waves, smell of wet leaves... it's very relaxing.

Then you continue on your way along to the next little stop. This is the end of the boardwalk. It, like the first stop, goes down to the river's edge. You have to walk back along the boardwalk to go back up. Back in the museum room, there are pictures of famous people. There is a wall of people gone down the falls in barrels and one on the tightrope walkers who danced from side to side on their slack ropes.

Spanish Aero Car -- This goes across the whirlpool. Lovely view. A little rocky and shaky, but safe and fun. This line seems to never move, but it's worth the wait. We always go to this. You want to get a spot on the edge, since you can't see anything from the middle. The outside people get to rotate around the car, over on one side, back on the other. Totally cool.

Queenston Heights -- Just down the river from Niagara, but worth seeing. If you're there during the day, you should go to the Brock Memorial. Stay out of the fountains, though. I know if it's hot they look good and cold, but they're not worth the trouble. Wander the grounds and see the cannons and guns, in they're placing as far as I know.

Marineland. Uh.. it's tons of fun, lots to do and see. I've been there tons of times and all, I really like it, but I just find the river more interesting. Although, if you're looking while going through the loops, you can see the falss upside down. Marineland is basically just another amusment park.

Butterfly House. Loads of fun. Butterflies everywhere. Sometimes even on you. It was great. There are many places that I haven't been, down this far on the parkway. Here's two I want to see: Laura Secord Homestead and MacKenzie Heritage Printery.

Skylon Tower. Yummm..... I loved the food! It takes one hour to rotate, and you have a great view. Expensive, but again, it's worth it. When you go down the elevator, look through the little gap. Amazing, huh? There is a viewing deck, but I haven't been on it.

Cliffton Hill. There's always something to do there. There is a tower that goes up and comes down, sort of a ride, but it's a great veiw. My favourite thing to do on Cliffton Hill is get fudge. Famous Niagara fudge. MmMm.

Last but not least, the bird house. I don't remeber what it is called, but it's wonderful. There are many different kinds of birds, they are tropical and they sing the whole time you're in there.

These places, they all ways end up with you in the gift shop. You can buy some tacky souvenir, or not. It's up to you. We hardly ever buy anything, except fudge, because the prices are outrageous and we take our own pictures.

Hope you enjoyed my report!

.: BabyPowdr :.



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