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A few weeks ago I was sitting at my computer, bored out of my mind and trying to think of something to fill my free time. I couldn't tell you why, but I decided to check out Whyville again, the site I spent a lot of time on 3-5 years ago.

When I got here I was a bit upset seeing a lot of the old names I remembered turning up inactive in City Records. Many of the people I spent countless hours talking to and wasting time with a few years ago seem to have completely moved on. I used to be part of a very large circle of friends back in 2005-2008, the group of people that largely spent their time in Club Why (a room that's virtually empty nowadays). We were comprised of some of the more famous people on Whyville at the time, from Times writers to face part designers to some of the oldest members still on the site. I'd mention names, but quite honestly I can't remember a lot of them exactly. However, while I don't remember many of the usernames they used, I remember quite a lot of the people. They were, admittedly, a pretty big part of my life.

Which is why I'm writing this article. I'm sure it's not the most appropriate outlet for something like this, but it's definitely the most accessible. I've lost contact with a lot of my old friends, and would have no way to organize this, but the few I've talked to have said they'd be interested in a reunion. And that's why I'm writing this: if any of the older members that remember me or the group I'm describing are reading this, I really want to try and get the old gang together again, just once. I've already run into a few people I used to know, so I know it's possible.

I know this is a pretty specialized article, not everyone can relate to this or may even be remotely interested in this, but I'm basically calling together a huge chunk of Whyville's history to come back just one more time to catch up. It might be interesting for new members too -- we have a lot of insight on Whyville's past and it might be cool hearing some of the stories about the site we remember.

So, if anyone is still around, please send me a message. I'm sure some of us still have contact information for a lot of the people that used to go here, and if we work at it I'm sure this can be done.



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