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At one point or another, we all have gone into Akbar's searching for that one part we are thirsting to have. When searching for face parts at Akbar's there are four convenient options you can choose from: Part Name, Price Range, Part Category, and Designer's Name. But in reality, how reliable are any of these options? The option that I personally find extremely unreliable is Part Categories.

Searching for face parts could be easy or difficult depending on the designer's creativity. Creative designers often come up with brilliant names for their new creations. Take NoveIty for example. He called a pair of glasses he designed "Swank". It certainly is better than calling them something boring like "black sunglasses". And take myself, Monkeyela, as an example of a designer who uses not so creative titles. My designs say exactly what the title says. Free Hugs, Round Nose, Tissues. I know, boring, but I'm not a very creative designer.

Nobody should have to choose a boring title for a pair of glasses, some hair, or a stunning shirt. After all, if you are looking for any of these items you can simply look under the proper category. But at times this can be difficult since there are some designers out there who choose to put their pieces in the wrong category. The result of this: You are left searching through items you do not expect to see in that category, and this can be time consuming and quite annoying.

All of us who design parts know it is required to choose part categories when designing new parts. But how hard is it to put your design in the correct category? Search "Food - Pizza". How many pizzas do you actually find? 47 results and can you guess how many pizzas I found under that category? I saw a few teddy bears, shirts and a lot of hair. You don't need me to tell you this, but these items are not pizza. Out of 47 items, 2 of them were pizza. I applaud justmeee and icarly471 finding the correct category.

Now let's look at this from a different perspective. If you are one of these designers who put your face parts in the wrong categories, you are hurting your business. If you put a shirt in with Pizza, people aren't going to find it very well. Usually, if someone wants to find a shirt, they look in the shirt category.

I interviewed the following people about their thoughts on the matter.

Monkeyela: When you visit Akbar's, do you search for face parts by using the categories option?
Treesgasm: Not really.
Supbro101: No I mostly search their name, or I buy in the Style Studio!
Ethan59: Yes I use categories.
Neontrees: If I can't find what I'm looking for.

Monkeyela: If so, do you usually find what you're looking for?
Treesgasm: Sometimes.
Ethan59: Yea most of the time unless it's rare.
Neontrees: Not always. If it's by a good designer, I can usually find it.

Monkeyela: Do you ever find parts that shouldn't be in that category?
Treesgasm: Yes I do.
Ethan59: Yes I find parts that shouldn't be there.
Neontrees: All the time!

Monkeyela: Does it annoy you?
Treesgasm: Yes it does.
Ethan59: No it doesn't annoy me, I find it quite funny.
Neontrees: YES! Because I search in a category and 512 results show up and I really don't feel like sifting through all of them to find what I'm looking for. A good half of them don't belong in that category.

Monkeyela: What are your thoughts?
Treesgasm: I think they should filter stuff better at Akbar's.
Supbro101: I think people should put them in the right category it would be so much easier!
Ethan59: Akbar's is going good except for the slow accept for parts.
Neontrees: If people put their stuff in the right category, then their stuff would be easier to find and I wouldn't have to go through 200 shirts in the hat category. I'm looking for hats, not shirts. If I want a shirt, I'll look in the shirt category.

By looking at most of these opinions, people usually find what they are looking for, which means, the categories option does what it is meant to do.

After designing, if you feel that your design doesn't fall into any specific category, there are "Other" categories. Placing your designs in the correct category makes them easier to find, which means they will probably sell better. It will also save people loads of time while they are browsing through face parts.

Much love,

Author's Note: The title is a quote by Benjamin Franklin.


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