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Worth Thousands of Words

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Worth Thousands of Words

Times Photographer

Howdy Whyville! It's Giggler01 and I am sitting at my computer on a Saturday morning, no make that afternoon, and it is one of those days. It's finally my spring break, and I spent all of yesterday being sick, which isn't fun. But that's not the point!

The other day my class read a photo journal of the old Don Jail in Toronto. It was really cool, and seeing as I had been testing my photo-taking abilities on Whyville, I decided that it was a really great idea to expand upon.

I started out by taking pictures of the different chat rooms. When I had about 5, I realized that I only liked some parts of the pictures. I couldn't submit all the pictures I took, because I had only been taking pictures for a few minutes and I already had quite the collection, so I decided I had to pick the best parts of each of the pictures. Then I realized there was so much happening in Whyville that if I wanted to capture it all I had to be creative, and in the end I made a collage.

There is so much happening, and there are so many little details in Whyville, that you probably don't notice. I stood at the Smart Cars Arena and the guy was asking me why he wasn't wearing a coat! How many people have ever seen that?

Ever watched other people's conversations? It's really interesting. That may make me sound like I don't have a life, but have you ever just sat back and watched? It's really neat, it's almost like they are behind a glass wall, so you can see them, but you can't interact.

Have you ever said hello to an oldie, or a newbie? These are the people that make up Whyville! They have so many interesting stories. One of my friends said to me the other day that Whyville is made up mostly of girls. That's not totally true. Have you ever met or heard of 11? Oldie, but not a girl!

I have pictures of two buildings in Whyville, City Hall and Doctor Leila's house. They both play a part in Whyville history, don't they? The Science and The City, Whyville's two main aspects.

Things like projectile fights and football, the games and Warp Wagon (have you ever noticed those masks at Tiki Tours? They're pretty cool!), the Bazaar and the labs. All of these things make up Whyville, but how often to we notice them? Mostly we take them for granted.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope that mine is worth more than that, because I know you couldn't describe Whyville without using a lot more. I hope that this picture shows that.

So that was my photo journal. I hope you enjoyed it!

Until then, this is Giggler01, going to a hockey game out of town tomorrow! Isn't that sweet? Because after all, there are two things that Canadians are proud of, their women's hockey and their men's hockey. LoL. That was really lame, but I'm signing off now!



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