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August in Full Bloom

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I live in the Midwest part of the United States and we have some of the most beautiful flowers. Each month from April to October have different types of flowers that bloom, but August is in my opinion is one of the months where the flowers are most exquisite. Each month brings something new to the table, but August seems to have the most varieties blooming. Daisies, cone flowers, balloon flowers, black-eyed susans, hostas, fall-blooming roses, stella de oros, burning bushes, mums, wave petunias, and many other varieties of plants are going strong during this month.

Since July has so many different flowers beginning to bloom most of them bloom in August too. Some of the most recognizable flowers that cover gardens all throughout the Midwest are daisies, cone flowers, and black-eyed susans. These were the three flowers that I first grew, and they continue to be the ones that are in my garden year after year because they are perennials. (They last for many years in a row without having to be replanted.)

September is when the fall plants start coming alive, but the end of August sees them begin to bloom too. Mums are a common autumn flower. Burning bushes are also easy to find. The unique thing about these bushes is that they don't technically bloom. Instead, they "burn". The leaves, that are green from April to the beginning of August, turn bright red during the end of August and all throughout September. It is amazing seeing the leaves turning red; it is as if they are truly burning! Hostas are another plant that aren't known for flowers, but instead their foliage. Hostas have huge leaves that often have beautiful texture and sometimes design.

Roses are a summer plant, but August still has different varieties of blooms from them. Like roses, the daylily stella de oro blooms mostly at the beginning of summer, but also blooms like crazy at the end. The stella de oros are a golden yellow color. Like their name, (daylily) each flower only blooms for one day but they are truly gorgeous when they are alive.

All of these flowers are found in the Midwest, but they are all around the United States and Canada too! The East and West coasts see most of these flowers, just not necessarily in August. I challenge you to try to find some of these flowers in your community. Here are pictures of the mentioned plants.


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