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Noah and Kirk: Part 4

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When we left off, Kirk and Noah were going through the woods in the Dark Side of Whyville until a huge dinosaur threatened their very lives! We asked you guys to pick what they should do next, and here is what you guys voted!

Kirk and Noah stood there looking up at the giant dinosaur in front of them. They both looked at each other and nodded. They knew exactly what they should do.

They ran away like screaming little girls. They ran as far as they could until Noah's asthma kicked in. By then, they had lost the dinosaur. Noah and Kirk took a minute to catch their breath.

Suddenly, the door to the cave they were standing beside opened. Noah and Kirk were hesitant to go in, but then they thought, 'Whats the worst that could happen? We already out ran a dinosaur, what other shenanigans could we get in to?'

The cave was pitch black. Kirk was angry that he couldn't see anything. He started feeling around the floor until he found a stick. He threw the stick. Noah screamed and fell to the floor.

Kirk saw a gleam of light in the direction that he threw the stick. The stick had hit the wall and made fire.

Kirk and Noah started to walk through the cave. They felt a fast rush of air blow past them.

Who do you think is hiding in the cave?

A: Edward Cullen's cardboard cut out with Ergle hiding behind it.
B: The dinosaur planning revenge.
C: Edward Cullen's cardboard cut out with the princess hiding behind it.
D: Edward Cullen's cardboard cut out with Bella hiding behind it.

One of these options are right. If you pick the right answer, you will receive 100 clams. The clams won't be awarded until after the Times are out next Sunday. Post in the BBS or Y-mail bObami or Poppinx3 which answer you think it is.

Happy guessing!
-Poppinx3 and bObami


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