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Fun Ways to Study

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Fun Ways to Study

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Hello, BabyPowdr here with my wonderful news. Yes, wonderful news. Uh, ok here I go.

Recently I've noticed people being happy because their teachers are on strike. This isn't good at all. I know you need a break sometimes, and a strike in the middle of the year is a great break time, but you should still be studying. Really, I'm serious.

School comes easy to me, that is, every single subject except math. I had a strike a few years back, I didn't study, and maybe I should have.

I found this great way to make studying fun, and it's a great way to have friends over. Ok, first off, dust off your books and go through them to find a page on what you need to work on. Call your friends and get them to do the same. Ask your mum or dad if you can have a study slumber party.

Great, huh? I know! The best thing is, it usually works, too. So crack them books open and maybe some pizza boxes too, I mean, what's a party without snacks? Plus, if you hardly study, this could be EXHAUSTING!!! LoLz.

I love school, but I have times when I just don't get it. Then all of the sudden, I totally understand. It's so amazing. Ever have times like that? Just wondering.

If you are going on a school trip to another country or Quebec, throw a dinner party. Invite your friends/class or whatever, cook up some of that place's cuisine, and dine. One rule: you can only speak in that nation's language. This rule of course won't work if you're going to a place that speaks your language. LoLz, but an excuse for that one would be to practice your etiquette (manners). Uh, maybe my class should have done this before going to Quebec *blushing* .

Hmm... those are my thoughts right now, but hey, when I think of more I'll send them in. Hope it works for you!!!

lata days



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