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The Past

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I trusted you and told you everything. You were my best friend. We were so close! But then something happened. I realized my feelings and you had no idea what was going on. I loved you. You still loved her. And then you found out why I was acting strange and things changed.

We didn't talk. We couldn't even look at each other. Then I became brave and spoke up. Everything was like it used to be and I thought we forgot about being uncomfortable around each other. Then we went to Disneyland with our friends for the day and you decided you might feel for me what I felt for you.

We got closer than I ever imagined. It still doesn't even feel real. The next day you told me it felt like a dream you never wanted to end. I agreed. But then we meet up with her and things went back to normal. Or so it seemed.

I died inside. I went home and cried. You tell me you love me more, and yet I still see you holding hands with her. It killed me even more to know that you were trying to hide it from me. And yet you still held my hand, and put your arm around my waist.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore. She was my friend and she didn't even know what was going on. So I stopped. I stopped hugging you. I stopped sitting by you in class. I stopped hanging out with you after school. I loved you, but now I loath you. What happened feels like a dream. But I woke up. And now it's in the past.


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