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Many people like to read books, including me. The special thing about books is that once you start to read them your mind kind of just wanders into the story, and you start to daydream as you are reading. This happens to me when I am reading my favorite book series, Percy Jackson & The Olympians. These books seem to be so real once I've read a couple of chapters.

Do we daydream to books we can relate to or just ones we wish were true? I never have the right answer. Maybe our minds are so involved that we start to see our books become a movie right in front of our eyes.

Some people might say books are for nerds. Others can't get enough of them. Books have helped us learn about almost everything and they help us teach others to learn. I am a HUGE book addict, and maybe so are you.

You know the first time I saw the cover of Percy Jackson I thought, 'Wow what a BORING book!' But I saw all of my friends reading the series, so I gave it a try. I read the fourth book in the series (I don't read in order), and I loved it. So I read the second one and I loved it as well! I just finished reading book 5 and almost cried because it is the last book in the series. But I still need to read book 3 and 1 (I saw book 1 in a movie).

I am now a huge Percy fan, all because of an author (Rick Riordan) who went to school, read books, and learned how to be an amazing author and made a book. So maybe that's why books seem real to me.

Aren't books great?!

Izettzoo (number 1 Percy Jackson fan)


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