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Drawing With Color

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Okay, so you've now learned how to draw people in black and white. Now it's time to add some color to that! I suggest you look at a photo of someone for drawings like this, it'll help you a lot.

1. Sketch out the shape of a person in a position.
2. Sketch in any details (clothing, face, etc) For tips on how to draw a face look up article ID #11428 and article ID #11439.
3. Lightly erase your sketch just enough to lighten the pencil marks so no black smudges in when you add color. DO NOT erase it so it's invisible.

Now to color. For coloring I recommend Prismacolor Colored pencils. They are pretty expensive but defiantly worth the price.

4. For the skin you're going to need the following colors: white, peach, brown, orange, pink, and yellow.

- Start with the peach color. Shade in a few places you want to be darker.
- Now still using the peach, lightly shade in some of the lighter areas of the skin.
- Take the brown and shade in some skin areas that are shadowed.
- Using the yellow shade in any areas where light is hitting.
- Using the orange shade in some random areas.

- Now take the white. The white pencil crayon is going to be your best friend in the skin coloring process. Pismacolor pencil crayons are amazing for blending, therefore when you use the white all the colors blend together and become toned down.

5. For the hair, start out with a base color. After coloring in the hair with the base color, blend it in with a smudger or your finger.

6. Start defining the hair with dark strokes of a different color than your base.

7. The face is pretty straight forward, just color the eyes, lips, etc to the color of your choice.

8. Color in the clothing any way you'd like. Use a darker shade to make creases and folds in the fabric.

And that's all there is to it! Here's a few of my finished drawings, they might help you.

Have fun drawing!



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