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My Sister

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You're my best friend. You're the only one who will be there for me at all times. We've been together, under the same roof, for 10 years. I can trust you to be there for me at any time. You deal with my many irrational fears. You don't mind my imperfections. You're not just another kid I met at school. You're more than that. You are a family member. You're my sister.

We have our moments filled with physical and verbal fights. We have different personalities but we always manage to get through the rough patches in our relationship. No matter how many times I angrily shout, "You're stupid!" or, "Get out of my life," it doesn't change my love towards you. It's my mouth speaking. Not my heart.

I forgive you for any mistake you make. I don't hold grudges. I know you don't either. The scars from our fighting mean nothing because I will always forgive you. I hope you forgive me too. I make mistakes, many of them. I'm a jerk at times and a bully. If I could take back all my stupid actions and words, trust me I would, but they are like toothpaste: once it's out it can't be put back. I'm truly sorry.

Friends will come and go but I will do whatever it takes to make sure that family is forever. Sisters are something special. If you've got them, keep them close. They will always be your friend.

Thank you for being an amazing little sister.


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