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The Show: Part 1

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I'm in a field. The sun is going down just above the mountains. The flowers are starting to bloom. They're so beautiful! I can feel the soft, green grass under my feet and in between my toes. I look down and see that I am wearing a long, baby blue dress. I start to laugh. Everything is just so perfect! But then everything starts to change.

The sun has gone completely behind the mountains. But the mountains have turned to mounds, mounds of something. Not dirt, definitely not dirt. The mounds have strange things sticking out of them. I start walking to see them better and I feel that the grass has turned into warm, squishy mud. Gross. When I finally reach the mounds I freeze. There are piles of human bodies - dead bodies. I look closer to see who they are and start to scream. It's my family, all of my friends, and my boyfriend. I hear laughing off in the distance. I turn to see who could be laughing at such a horrible thing. It was him. He returned.

I woke up panting. I could feel the sweat on the back of my neck. I took the rubber band that was around my wrist and tied my long, curly, red hair up. Just a dream, I tell myself. It was just a dream. Damon, Katlyn, and Mary are still alive and Jonathan is still gone.

I used to go out with Jonathan. He was a 6'3" baseball player with blonde hair who was obsessed with me. I was getting sick of him being clingy and broke if off with him. That was at the beginning of summer, before I was shipped off to The Show. It was there that I met Damon, the guy who stole my heart right off the bat. But it turned out that Jonathan and Marie, Jonathan's ex, where also enrolled in The Show. Jonathan found out about Damon and me mid summer.

I know, it's weird that we have to spend our summer at school, but we spend all year at The Show. This is my first year. Jonathan wasn't too happy about it and he tried to kill Damon. Strangely, my sixth sense started to develop. That's not supposed to happen until the school year starts, and not as strong as my psychic powers were coming off. With the help of Katlyn and Mary, who also just started The Show and are now my best friends, we were able to get rid of Jonathan before the summer was over.

But lately I've had a bad feeling that he's coming back, and I also have an even worse feeling that he has more power since then. I'm worried he's the one giving my all of these horrible dreams. It's like he's trying to freak me out, or giving me a pre-view of what he's going to do. He's a psycho.

My name is Aednat (ey-nit). I come from a strong Irish family. My name means "little fire". You can say that's because of my hair or my personality. I attend a school called The Show of Light, or The Show for short, a school for kids that have been given an extra sense and are learning how to use it for good instead of evil.


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