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When There Were Words

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Author's Note: This article goes with article "I See You". I suggest that after you read this you read the other article right away. Have fun reading what I call a prequel.

The day I first met you. It is still crystal clear in my mind. It was a crisp fall September day. Open house for our first grade class started it all. I could not attend the night they held it and neither could you. Me and you stayed after school with our parents to tour the class and have our parents meet the teacher. We sat on the floor and talked for fifteen minutes while our parents were with our teacher. We were no where close to a true friendship, but this day started it all.

To be honest, I really didn't care or think about you again until spring. You invited me to swing with you for the first time. We made so many jokes and it felt like we had known each other all of our lives. Too bad it was the end of the year. I remember picking you as my partner to make a huge tulip. The colors you could choose were red, orange, and yellow. We picked orange and ended up having the only orange flower in the class. When the year was over you got to take it home. If you still had that flower, I would be amazed. Seven years ago I graduated first grade. Life was bliss.

Second grade was truly life changing. If I didn't have second grade, I don't think I would have anything to live for. Our friendship did not spark until the end of fall. You asked me to eat lunch with you and after that, we went to the familiar swings we had been on in first grade. Out of the blue it started to snow. Nothing had changed from that first grade day. As the snow fell on our faces and both of us going back and forth in time with each other, there was silence. That was the true start of something new.

Every element of the friendship was great. I have so many memories of you and me. Recess filed with swings and playing funnel ball. There were other things than just recess. Every project we could do in partners we did together. When we did special plays we sat next to each other. Even on birthdays I helped you pass out your cupcakes and you helped me with mine.

Things just kept getting better. After doing all those things you were my official best friend. When you get older it is hard to keep a guy friendship because love gets in the way. Now most of you readers think that could never happen when you are seven. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. It almost haunted us. Everyone thought things were going between us even at our age. Even our bus driver. I remember him the most. Bus driver Joe. Every time I see that name my face lights up. He always said you and me were his favorite kids. We were known as Misty and Misty's boyfriend. At second grade you don't take that to heart. Well, just until spring.

I believe that spring is one of the best times of the year. People also say that spring is the season of love, or so I have been told. I guess you could say that is true. Everything was getting better, but something was different. It started after spring break. You almost never wanted to leave my side. Whenever I got sick, you got sick also. Whenever I went to the restroom you would walk down the long halls with me. Your goodbyes at the end of the day seemed to have more meaning. You even gave me a rock. It was the best present I have ever received that is still on my desk to this day. I started to think it was weird, but one day that changed. You were truly sick. I found myself going down to the office because I felt sick too. I started to miss you when I wasn't at school. I started to like you.

Surprisingly nothing really changed. I mean face it, that was second grade. There were little things, but that wasn't bad and they never showed. I liked when Bus Driver Joe gave us our names, I liked the other kids thinking about "us". One day I cared too much. We were playing a game where you had to see how fast you could slide down the big pole. You started to go too fast. You fell down and hit your head. You were unconscious. I almost cried from being so scared. I quickly kissed your forehead and then started to yell for help. After a minute you woke up. You never knew what hit you. It was definitely going to stay that way.

Suddenly the year was gone. The last day of second grade was a rush. I remember when we got our report cards and we sat next to each other. We saw that our teachers for next year were different. I was crushed and so were you. The bell that set us free rang. We quickly hugged and you said "Goodbye. I hope I talk to you soon." Those were the last words you said to me as to this day. You moved away and now are gone. I have less than a week until school. We can finally let the words come after six years. We can say what we need to say.

Until August 25th Connor.



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