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Looking in the Mirror

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It seems the older I get the harder it is to look in the mirror and be satisfied with my body. Sometimes all I can see are those pesky zits cluttering on my forehead or that scar on my arm from scratching a mosquito bite too much. Many teenagers are in the same boat. It's hard to look at yourself and feel beautiful some days, isn't it?

It gets harder as more pressure and desires are added to your social life. For example, you want to be popular, or find a boyfriend or girlfriend. You feel the pressure to cover your face in makeup. Celebrities don't help much either. It can be hard to believe that a model is caked in makeup and airbrushed, when in reality that's the only way we see her. We don't see her right before she goes to bed, with no makeup and not airbrushed. Pressure adds up from the media, peers and also pressure you give yourself.

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning; it was hard to do and feel happy with the way I look. I didn't want to see those zits cluttering my forehead and nose, or the small dark circles forming under my eyes. I'm not perfect looking. I don't have perfect skin. I'm trying my best to be happy with the body I was given, but it's hard. I hate looking at my clear-skinned peers with chopstick legs. I'm not them, they're not me. I need to accept that.

I've come up with 5 tips to make yourself happier when you look in the mirror:

1. Smile - Everyone looks better when they are smiling rather than frowning, trust me. Looking like a sad clown is not attractive.
2. Wear clothes that make you feel good - Sure it's hard to change how your body looks but you can get instant self confidence while wearing an outfit you love.
3. Nice Hair - Do your hair a way that you like. Don't straighten your curls just because all the popular girls have straight hair. Style your hair how you like to look better.
4. Stay healthy - Keep your skin hydrated. To prevent acne, drink lots of water. Your body will be happy. Eat right and exercise too. This will keep your body looking in shape and keep away those extra pounds you don't want.
5. Be Yourself - This sounds cheesy but don't cake your face in, be who you are.

Be happy with the body you were born with.



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