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Noah and Kirk: Part 6

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When we left off, we found out Ergle was hiding behind the cut out. Kirk, Noah and Ergle kept going on their journey to save the princess. They came up to the castle. A strange person grabbed Kirk and took him away. Noah and Ergle followed him. And now, the story continues.

Noah and Ergle ran down the hallway chasing the person who was holding Kirk. All of a sudden, the lights turned off. Noah tried to scream, but someones hand quickly covered his mouth. He was so scared that he passed out. When he woke up, he was strapped to a wall.

Suddenly, the floor began to shake. Four men dressed in Lady Gaga outfits were carrying a thrown. Someone was sitting in it. Noah couldn't figure out who it was, but Kirk knew that shiny bald head anywhere.

Ergle left Noah and Kirk in the room alone. That is when Kirk noticed the lever beside him. Kirk managed to reach the lever and pull it. The straps on the wall opened up.

Noah and Kirk ran down the hallway. They peeped into a room. It was where all Ergle's servants left their Lady Gaga outfits. Noah and Kirk quickly ran in and threw on an outfit. They exited the room and casually walked down the hallways. They figured the princess would be at the top of the castle, so they started walking up the stairs. When they walked in to the room they saw Ergle being fanned and the Princess looking awfully bored.

Since Ergle fell for their plan, they took the princess and started speed walking down the hallway. When the princess realized that they weren't going to condition her hair, she asked a question.

See you next time!
-Poppinx3 and bObami


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