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Everybody Wins!

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Everybody Wins!

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Hello, this is Sonner again, just writing to say that I think I might have a solution for the people who did and didn't get medals.

First off, I kinda thought it was unfair too, when I read Bracelet's article in the Times. It got me thinking. Shouldn't City Hall give something else to the newbies? I think when someone signs up they should get 10 free clams to start them off.

I was just thinking about what if someone was on for more than a month and less than a year. I wouldn't consider them newbies, so why didn't they get anything as well? People get to shine to their medals and everyone else feels jealous about it and I kind of feel jealous, too. There are also a lot of people on Whyville that are oldbies but haven't come on Whyville in a long time!

Anyway. I figure maybe the people that are not yet oldbies and not newbies should maybe a get a clam reward. Just think, people shine their medals proudly and we simply watch. Maybe newbies and people in between should get a hat or something, just as a thank you for finding Whyville.

One day this girl asked me, "Did you get a medal?" I was ashamed to say no!

This is a solution I think everyone could live with!

This is Sonner, signing off! *click*



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