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The Show: Part 2

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I woke up on time, which was a big surprise. That almost never happens. My roommate, Marie, usually woke me up with only 20 minutes to get ready, but I still ended up looking better than her.

She had been holding a grudge against me because Jonathan broke up with her to be with me, and when I broke it off with him, he still didn't want to be with her. This was all before we went to The Show. I still found it strange that we all got in. Then when we were there we both saw Damon, and we both wanted to be with him. Yet I still got the guy. Then she got furious, yadayada. We all know how it goes. Yeah, try living with that.

I crawled out of bed and looked over at Marie. She was still sleeping. A thought crossed through my head to shut her alarm off and give her a few minutes to get ready, but I decided not to. I wouldn't stoop to her level. That would be cruel; she needed as much help as she could get to at least look descent.

When I got out of the shower I put on black eye liner and mascara that helped brighten my big, blue eyes. I don't wear a lot of make-up, don't need it. I went to go pick out my outfit. School was just starting, so it was still warm outside. I put on a purple, plaid mini that complimented my legs and a plain, purple tank top. Then, just for the heck of it, I put on my black wedges that made me taller, which was awesome seeing as I'm only 5'. It's nice knowing that you can wear whatever because you don't have a dress code. As long as you aren't too trashy.

I was in the middle of putting my hair in a bun when Marie got up. "Wow, the Princess finally awakens. Why do you get to use the make-up dresser?" she complained in her high pitched, voice. 'Here we go again,' I sighed.

Well, you see, I bought this, making it mine. I bought those hair supplies, making them mine. I bought the make-up, making it, guess what? That's right, mine. Oh, you see the mirror that's hooked to the dresser? Yeah, I bought that. It's M-I-N-E. Mine. Now go take a shower, you need it, and while you're in there, think about buying your own stuff."

A look of shock crossed over her face. The 5'5" girl with the a-cut black hair didn't look so tall now. She wasn't used to me lashing out at her. I wasn't in the mood to put up with her crap today, not after the dream I had. I could tell by the way she stood that I was going to get it. Great.


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