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How to Find Your Perfect Lip Color

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Finding your perfect lip color can be extremely hard, especially if you don't know what to look for. There are certain colors that look better on different hair and skin colors. For example, peach colors look very nice on people with tan skin. Reddish-plumb colors however are best for brunettes with pale skin. If you have ever had trouble finding a color that suits you perfectly this article is for you.


What to look for everyday: Pale pink looks beautiful on blondes. The color is excellent for everyday wear, and doesn't look too unnatural.

What to look for dressy: Bright red looks amazing on a blonde. When you start going for darker red, it can wash down your skin tone and make it stand out in the wrong way.

What to stay away from: Colors that have the word mocha in them are wrong for blondes. The shades don't add any color pop and end up making the lips look simple and unnoticeable. Don't get me wrong, someone shouldn't say, "WHOA they have on lipstick." They should instead notice it in a positive way that isn't too extreme.


What to look for everyday: Colors that are a rosy pink color are great for brunettes. The color can help balance out the usual what I call color pop/no color pop problem. When you are a brunette, you have dark hair and eyes that are usually darkish tones of brown, hazel, green, and blue. From there you go down to the lips, which often don't have much of a noticeable color. The rosy pink can create a balanced mixture of colors on your face.

What to look for dressy: Nothing is more beautiful than a brunette with a reddish plumb lip color. The shade is very sophisticated and perfect for a dressy event.

What to stay away from: Bright red often clashes with brunette hair. The colors are close to each other on the color wheel which means they don't often go together. Peachy shades can often not be noticeable at all on a brunette, which makes it have no real purpose.


What to look for everyday: Mocha is an amazing color for someone with dark hair and skin. The color usual has a hint of shine in it which brings attention to the lips in a positive way.

What to look for dressy: You are lucky; red shades and plumb shades are both great colors you can use. I would personally suggest going more for plumb because the color really goes well with your eyes. Red however brings a new color shade into the picture that makes your lips pop incredibly.

What to stay away from: Light pinks and peach colors aren't the best for you. They often are too light and end up making your lips pop in the wrong way. Compared to your other features, they stand out and make you look unbalanced. A big thing to remember is that you should never go for a color more than three times lighter than your skin.


What to look for everyday: A classic peach color can be great for your skin tone. Since you have such dark hair compared to your skin, adding in a bright color can be too much to handle for an everyday look. When you go with peach, not too much attention is taken away from your dark eyes and dark hair so your look is balanced out.

What to look for dressy: Bright red is a great choice. Along with your dark hair and pale skin, adding in a bright color like red can add that special touch that is just right for a formal event.

What to stay away from: Mocha isn't the best choice for someone with your hair and skin. The color often adds in too much dark compared to your light skin. (Dark hair, dark eyes, and dark lips = Not the best choice.)


What to look for everyday: A nice reddish-pink color can be perfect for you. Your hair is often what people notice first, but that doesn't mean a nice lip color can't be noticeable too. Since you usually begin with lips on the paler side without lipstick, the reddish-pink can show up clearly without being unnoticeable.

What to look for dressy: Reddish-plumb is the best choice for a dressed up look. Your red hair can sometimes clash with brighter shades of red, but when you add in purple tones in the clashing ends. The purple looks great with your usually fair skin.

What to stay away from: Peach can often blends in with your natural lip color and adds the effect that you aren't wearing any lipstick at all. Since a color pop is what you usually are going for, something that is hardly noticeable isn't the best choice.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to finding your perfect lipstick color. With the tricks you've learned above, everyone should hopefully find a color they love.

Below are some pictures of lip colors I own.


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