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Much More Than a Virtual Problem

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Hello fellow Whyvillians. I have come to talk to you about a very tragic and serious problem that is happening all over the world AND in Whyville. That issue is how the reefs of the world are being destroyed. This tragedy isn't happening on purpose, but not on accident either. It is more of a lack of knowledge that is ruining the place aquatic life calls home.

Every day our Earth gets a little dirtier and hazardous. We can help prevent this by putting trash in trashcans, biking instead of riding in cars, and safely disposing chemicals. To help our reefs we shouldn't dump chemicals into the ocean, or any other bodies of water. Also, you should NEVER throw trash into the ocean because that juice box, or soda can, or candy bar wrapper, might just end up killing a fish or plant. It would surprise you how dirty a reef can get by litter and chemicals.

verall, we need to take care of Whyville, and the world's reefs. We can do this by giving donations, (clams or real money) writing articles for a newspaper to stress how important it is, and by wearing items that can persuade and advertise help for this cause. With your help, we can all save the reefs we love.

Here are some pictures of real reefs that are being destroyed.

Author's Note: Source for pictures: http://ilc00n.facbacs.uq.edu.au/cms/download/ohg/science/


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