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Purging Personal Info

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Purging Personal Info

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Hey all Whyvillians! This is TEARDROP with some important information I have researched. Giggler01 made an article about what she found in the privacy statement. That article made me think if the privacy statement was really true! So I had to research it and found out if it was really true.

From all the researching I did, I found that the statement "If an account had been inactive for a year or longer, all of this users information associated with the account is purged from our database" is only half true.

I found out that the user name is still there, but the information for it is not. With that statement telling us Whyvillians that "ALL" information is purged, the name should be purged too. The statement tells us that everything in that account is no longer there, but there is really something there still -- the name.

I am an oldbie. So I know lots of people on Whyville. I looked some of them up in the directory and it said that they were last on over a year ago. Like the statement said, "all" the information will be purged. Then why is the name still there?

~This is TEARDROP signing out


Note from City Hall: We purge personal information, such as your birth month and year, your email address, etc.

Much as citizens care about their Whyville names, that is not considered personal information because there is no way someone can find you in real life using your Whyville name.

So, it isn't as important to purge.

On top of that, we like to keep that name because some of these old citizens have, for example, written articles for the Times, and we don't want their names to disappear from the articles.

On top of that, it's also a safety issue. What if someone started coming to Whyville using your old username? What if they claimed they were you and started gathering personal info about you and your friends? That could be pretty annoying at best and downright dangerous at worst. Whyville is one of the safest sites on the web for kids, and we like keeping it that way.

Hope all this makes sense.

City Hall



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