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Dear Sierra

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Dear Sierra,

I can't believe how long it's been! It feels like just yesterday you were living in that white wood house with the cherry chestnut door. I pass by it every now and then and you always pop into my mind. Your warm smile and comforting eyes reminded me so much of my late friend Alexa. When we first met, I instantly wanted to be your friend because of that. I grew to love your personality too, and to this day wish you would come back to Indiana and become my long-lost friend no more.

Do you remember the second day of school when we sat together on the bus and talked the whole time about our cats? I know I sure do. How are Mittens and Rupert by the way? My little Shads and Smokes are doing great. They aren't kittens anymore, but are still adorable.

I still remember that time you, Jessi, your sister Veronica, Jessi's sister Katie, and I all had a sleepover? I was so sad that I was the only one there without a sister. You told me that maybe I should dress my baby brother Eric up as a girl. (Only if I wanted to, however.) That made me laugh uncontrollably. You always were great at making me smile when all I felt like doing was wear a frown.

Our friendship was wonderful, but everything ends sometime. That day you told me you were moving to Kentucky made it on the list of my top 5 worst days ever. I cried and cried knowing I would be losing my best friend again.

The last time I saw you was March 18th, 2006. You came over to my house and brought along two things I still keep dear to me: the broken ping-pong ball and your littlest pet shop hamster Peanut. The ball was from when our awful gym teacher smashed it in anger against the rock wall. The hamster was what you gave me to remember you by on the loneliest of days. (Do you still have the shell I gave you?) The plastic hamster's paws still have that pink sharpie's M and S marked on them. The "BFF" part has rubbed away, but our first-name initials are stilling showing up strong.

If miraculously somehow you are reading this, I hope you realize how much I miss you. I need you more than ever but have no way of reaching you. I hope life's treating you well.

Your old friend,


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