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Dear Mom

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Dear Mom,

Thanks for everything. You've always been here for me, even when I didn't want your help. You're the biggest part of my world; you've made me who I am.

I know I'm growing up now, and I don't act like your little girl anymore. But inside, I'm still that little five year old begging you to come play dolls with me, or running to you crying because I fell and skinned my knee. You're the one who could always make me feel better, the one who could always cheer me up.

I know I take you for granted a lot, but I appreciate you, I really do. I'm just not sure how to show you sometimes.

You're my teacher; you've taught me almost everything I know. From algebra to boys to bargain shopping, I learned it all from you, and I thank you so much for that.

Sorry about all those times that I got mad at you for something that was really my fault. I never meant all those bad things I said to you; no matter how many times I said them. I guess I have my father's temper, but since I know you love him, I know you love me.

Sometimes I feel like you never understand me, but then I have to remember that you were once a thirteen year-old girl too. Just try to remember that times are changing, 2010 is a lot different than 1973. I can't help it if I seem too grownup for my age. I'm trying not to grow up too fast, though. Just accept that I'm doing my best.

You're my best friend and you're my worst enemy, but most of all you're my mother.

Your daughter, Liz


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