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The Show: Part 4

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I'm standing in a garden. There is a force pulling me into the maze that is in front of me. It guides me to the center of the maze. I see a small, wooden stool with an object that looked so heavy; it looked like the stool was going to break from the weight of its force. I go closer and see that the object is a book; a book that looked like it was 100 years old and looked very thick. Then I hear a voice. Not a voice that was coming from the outside, but a voice that sounded like it was inside of my head. You must acquire this book to defeat Them. Then all will be right again or at least for a little while. I try to look for the name of the book, but the force that brought me to it is keeping me away. You must find this book on your own, but I must warn you, They will try to stop you. For if you find this book and use the correct spell, They will be defeated. I felt the rush starting to come on, I was about to leave the Vision. "Wait!" I screamed, "Who is ?They, and how do I find the book?!" But it was too late, I was already gone.

I opened my eyes to see Mary, Damon and Katlyn leaning over me. Mary had tears streaming down her face. I could tell Damon was worried, it was written all over his face. Katlyn had on a look of calm, but I could tell differently from her eyes. I felt a sharp pain behind my eyes and the back of my head.

"Oh goodness," Mary whispered, "please be okay. Please be okay." I sat up.

"Stop crying, I'm fine." I could tell by the looks on their faces that they didn't believe me. "Really," I mumbled, "I'm fine, I just had a Vision. That's all."

"But that's impossible!" Katlyn said, "You shouldn't be able to do that for two years! I mean, I know that your Powers are more advanced than ours, but they shouldn't be that advanced."

"So you think I'm lying? I asked in disbelief.

"Common Aednat, think about it. A logical explanation is that you fell and hit your head, blacked out, and thought you had a Vision."

"I can't believe you would say that! I'm not crazy! Visions are something serious, would I really be kidding around about something like Visions?!"

"I believe you," Mary whispered. I looked at her and gave her a small smile. Damon nodded his head in agreement.

"Thank you," I said and got up. Then I looked at Katlyn. "If you think I'm lying about something that is as serious as this, I don't think that we need to be friends." I looked at her straight on.

"Fine," she said, "I don't need you. I have Marie! She's a better friend than you anyways!" I couldn't believe my ears. That was what Katlyn did when she told us she didn't want to hang out. She's been a traitor all along. Right then I did the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I walked away. Katlyn grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I swung around and swung a perfect punch right into her perfect face and kept walking.


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