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How Everything Has Changed

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My, things have changed on Whyville, haven't they? There is change especially in the Forums, also known as the BBS (Bulletin Board System) to its avid users. Just a year ago the BBS was very close knit. We were like a family. A very large, random, dysfunctional family, but still, a family. And then, a few months ago, everything started to change for the worst.

I don't remember when exactly the BBS started to go downhill, but I do remember some events that brought our little world crashing towards the ground. This includes the appearance of Burn Books, the increasing number of spammers and scammers, password thieves, and more and more arguments. The list can go on and on. Going onto the BBS became a guessing game. I would always ask myself, "I wonder who has quit now?" or "Who is going to have a new poser today?" You couldn't tell who your friends really were anymore. You couldn't even tell if the person talking to you was actually the real owner of the account, or a password thief who somehow got on their account! Things like this rarely ever happened in the past, but now? Now, stuff like this happens on a weekly basis. No longer can you trust your friends, and our family is slowly being torn apart.

So many BBSers, including myself, look back on the "old days" of the Forums and wish that they would come back. When you could say something and people would respect your opinion, and for the people who didn't, they would be chewed out by all your friends. When we could all meet at Evergreen and just have a good time, without having our get-together ruined. We miss the days when we were very close knit, when the BBS was like a second home. The days when you could come on, and our day would become better, not worse.

But we can bring the old BBS back. It is up to every one of us to stand up for this "second home", for our family. When a fellow user is being insulted, we can stand up for them. If the is a Burn Book, we ignore it. When spammers spam the BBS, report the posts. Just do what you think is right. I am sick of sitting around and watching the Forums go up in flames. I don't want to remember the BBS like this. I want to remember the BBS as it once was.

If we all work together, we can bring the old BBS back. Maybe it isn't too late for our family to come back home.


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