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Make Your Eyes Pop: Brown Eyes

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So, as you can see the votes are in and the winning eye color is . . . BROWN! So here's a look that'll make any brown eyes stand out!

For some reason or another, black really compliments brown eyes. It gives them this dark smokey effect that looks gorgeous! So without further ado, here's the look!

1 - Apply an eyelid primer on the lid. I'm using: e.l.f eyelid primer.

2 - Cover your lid with a smokey grey shadow. I'm mixing a black and a light grey to get the color. To apply the shadow I recommend you use an "all over shadow brush." But if you don't have one you can just use a normal shadow applicator. The shadow I'm using is: the brand "Quo"

3 - Take a shimmery black shadow. If you don't have any, you can just use a regular black shadow and mix it with a light shimmery shadow. I'm using: a shade from Quo

4 - You're gonna have some harsh edges from the black, so take a silver shadow and blend it so the grey blends nicely to the black. I'm using: the brand ANNABELLE

5 - Take a beige color and blend out the black. I'm using: Est?e Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow in "Tea Biscuit"

6 - Naturally you're gonna have some fallout, so clean up under the eye with a cosmetic wipe then apply some concealer.

7 - Take a black liquid liner and apply it to your top lid bringing it out into a wing. It's easiest to apply if you tug the corner of your eye and start your line in the middle of the lash line bringing it into the wing, then going back to make the inner corner line. I'm using: Almay intense i-color in Black Pearl

8 - Take a black eyeliner pencil and trace your waterline. Also smudge it into the bottom lash line. I'm using: Almay intense i-color in Black Pearl

9 - Now grab a black mascara and apply a few coats to the top and bottom lashes. I'm using: L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black

And that's it! You have now achieved a nice smokey look to go with your eyes.

Next weeks eye color will be: Green


Author's Note: If the color of the eyes isn't the same shade of brown in all the pictures it's because I have to edit the eye color to brown and it's hard to get the exact same color twice.


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