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Living in the Past

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I often find myself wishing that the past would become the present. I dwell on things that were at that time perfect, and often find flaws in what is happening at the current point in time. I feel saddened when happy memories take over; they make the present seem less pleasant. It seems that every day look back to happier times and yearn for what I need to realize is long gone. I know I need to say goodbye, but how?

While happy memories can make the present and nearby future look less great, sad memories can also make me unhappy. Dwelling on times that were much darker isn't good for the mind, but I don't want to completely forget them. It was a part of me -- part of what made me who I am today, yet I still want to remove it from my memory.

I confuse myself; which side am I truly on? Should I try to keep the memories, or let them go? I often think that if I were to just let go of them, I would be happier. Then, I think to how I'm growing because of the past mistakes that are kept alive. Am I willing to throw away all my healing in hopes of going emotionally dormant?

I'd have to say that I'm leaning more towards the second option. The past is the past; it's as simple as that. For the sake of my mental well being I should try my best to ignore what happened. The removal should motivate me to create better memories for my future self to look back on and not want to dispose of. Learning from your mistakes can only go so far can't it? It isn't healthy to review them over and over wishing that you chose to do something else. I should just let them go. Right?


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