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The Show: Part 6

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We looked at the lists before we went anywhere. There were three main groups of supplies we needed. I decided to get the books for everyone; Mary was going to get the herbs; Damon would get the candles. Manly, right? But he had a knack for picking out the right ones.

When we made sure we all knew what we needed to get, we went our separate ways. I still had the Vision nagging me in the back of my mind. After I got the 18 books, 6 for each of us, one book for each class, I decided to look at the other spell books to see if the one from my Vision was there. I doubted it, but it was still worth a shot.

As I walked down the aisles they got more and more deserted and the feeling I got in my stomach when I entered the book section got stronger and stronger, but my arms started to hurt more and more. Finally I found a basket, put the books in it, and rested it over my arm like it was a purse. I started to run my hands across the books as I walked by them. When I reached the last book in the last aisle the feeling in my stomach made me stop. My sixth sense was getting stronger every day. The book looked exactly like the one in my Vision, old and dusty, it couldn?t be mistaken.

I grabbed it and started walking back to meet up with Damon and Mary when I ran into Katlyn and Marie.

"What are you doing with that nasty book?" Katlyn sneered.

"Well, it's all she can afford, the crappiest of everything," Marie said. They looked at each other and started laughing. "You better go put that back; it'll ruin your reputation."

"Here let us help you," Katlyn said as she was reaching for the book. Suddenly part of my Vision popped in my head. They will try to stop you . . . "No thank you," I said and moved the book out of their reach. "I need this." I pushed through them and went to go tell Damon and Mary about the Vision and what just happened.


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