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You're Almost Back

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Author's Note: This article goes along with the other articles "When There Were Words" and "I See You". Please be sure to read those before you read this article.

It's August 20th. Five days before the first day of school. I go on the computer like I always do and log into my normal websites. Whyville hasn't changed, OMGpop same old, same old. Then I go onto Facebook. I am going through other peoples' friend lists and then suddenly my hand starts to shake. I see your name on the screen. You look a little different but you're still the same guy who was my best friend five short years ago. I click on the friend request button praying you would remember and accept. Then I run out of the computer room and started to cry. Yes, I know it sounds pathetic but by honestly, wouldn't you do something like that too?

I have missed you so much. I was so happy to have found you. Sure, when I looked at your page it seemed that you don't go on often, but I don't care. I have waited five years; I think I can wait just a little longer. It ended up only taking three days. I logged in again and you have accepted. I hope you truly remember. With two days left until the 25th I was ok.

I wake up on August 25th feeling amazing. It's the day I have written about in two articles. You have inspired my story. You have affected all of my choices in life. You are great to me. Silence can be golden but now it can be broken. I go back to the familiar halls of my middle school and now I know that you are walking in them too. I go through all of my classes, seeing all of my friends from last year but the day gets old. Every time I pass classes I look around but I don't see you. The day goes by and then I hear the last bell ring.

It's now later in the night. I go onto Facebook and message you asking if you remember me. The message was so simple but it took all of my want and faith to send it. The rest of the night was just thinking about you. Sleep is the last thing on my mind but I manage to fall asleep just before I go crazy.

The second day of school is always fairly easy. It's just more instructions and information about how the year will go. I am walking to my Algebra class with one of my best friends and I see you. That blonde hair that is the same color as mine, those brown eyes I remember looking at me all of second grade. It's really you. I start to get nervous and I get this huge coughing attack because I took in way to much air and breathed out to fast. My friends seemed worried about me but I just had a random excuse. I go home that day feeling great. I can't imagine things going better. I log onto Facebook again and I see your message pop up. Of course I remember you! Those were his exact words. I have tears of joy streaming down my face. You also commented on how much I have changed and asked the school I went to. For the first time in years I could say the same as you and it would be a dream anymore it was true. The conversation went on for five days. Life is treating me well.

With you in my life I am more daring. My school life was getting better as well. I had the electives of Choir, same as you, and Family Consumer Science. I hated the class. After two days of it I couldn't take it anymore and found myself at the counselor's office. She let me drop the class to become an office aid. I now have the responsibility of walking the halls to deliver things to teachers and kids and when I wasn't doing that I could use the time as a study hall. I also have access to anybody and everybody's schedule. On the first day of my new elective I go to look up your schedule. I was determined to be able to figure out the routs you took so I could see you at least once a day. I want to see you face to face I really do but I need to get used to you in general. I miss you so much I can't help acting the way I am. It is just amazing to see you every day.

Over Labor Day weekend I decide to message you again. Some people say that it is weird for the girl to start the conversation but I didn't care. At that point I would settle for anything. I asked if you has seen me around school and you surprisingly replied to me within 2 hours. You said no but that you probably wouldn't recognize me. Then you said you wanted to see me. I told you my locker number and you said you would look around for me. I was so ready to talk to you. Labor Day couldn't go any slower than it did. I was really hoping to see and talk to you right away on Tuesday but I wasn't sure it was going to happen. I talked to my best friend on Whyville for three hours the night before. She is the one that knows the most about our story. To her this article is just a summary of what has happened lately. She knows who she is too. Just as I expected on Tuesday I didn't get to talk to you. I was sad but I dealt with it. I barely even knew how to approach you. Little did I know that the next day was officially the best day of my life.

September 8th. I am in the hallways to deliver things to classrooms and the 7th graders are going to their 5th period class. I am the only 8th grader in the halls at the time so I feel pretty confident. I had already seen you that morning so I knew what you were wearing enough to recognize you. As I walk through the halls I had about a minute until the bells would ring and I would be alone again. I look ahead of me and I think I see you. Before I could think twice about my actions I call out your name. You turn around and I quickly say hi. You gave me a strange look and then I say my name. I look down to you and the biggest smile came on your face. You say hi and then we start to walk down to your class. I only said the reason why I was in the halls before we got to your science room. We say goodbye and at that point I hadn't been this happy in years. I finally realize what I just did and my legs start to shake for the first time in my life. I had just talked to you for the first time in five entire years. I was as nervous as ever but I did it. I did it out of friendship. I did it out of love.

Now I am writing in the present. It is three weeks later and now we have a pretty good talk-smile relationship in the halls. I love the way you smile at me. I see you a lot with your friends and see how you smile and it seems different. I don't know what it is but when you smile at me. When I don't get to see people for a long time I tend to memorize looks and in your case smiles. Your smile gives me faith and I always think of it staring back at me when my life isn't all sunshine. Smiles make life truly worth living. I don't know what you think of me. I used to know every thought, every outlook, everything about and now I have to start new. I start every conversation we have so I am not sure if you are nervous or what you think. Just to read and hear the things you think are good enough. All I want is to see that smile and to be good friends again just like second grade.

I want to be close friends Connor.
- Misty


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