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Scion Solutions: What Is It?

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Have you ever looked at the calendar on the home page and seen a green dollar sign? Do you ever wonder what it means, or what it stands for? Well, I can answer that question. It is the symbol for the Scion Solutions game!


If the symbol is flashing that means a game is going on. Click on it to play! If you do click on the symbol, you will arrive here:

There are two teams: team cyan and team purple. You need at least one person on each team to play. If there isn't anyone there, go round up some friends and compete! Scion Solutions is a great game, and you're bound to have fun. Once you have enough people, the game begins.

The game will start with our friend in the suit asking a question. You have to answer that question before time runs out. The time left is in the top right corner of the screen. You need to pick an answer by clicking on one of the four possible answers (located on the center of the screen).

The correct answer is the one outlined in green. If you picked the correct answer, then the only box you see will be the green one. If you picked an incorrect answer, your answer will be outlined in red. You will see both your answer and the correct answer outlined.

At the end of each round, the score will be shown. The object of the game is to have the most correct answers. Did you know you can also earn clams by playing? For each correct answer you get, you earn one clam. For each question you AND your team get right, you earn two clams. The better you and your team are at Scion Solutions, the more clams you earn. The guy in the suit will tell you what team won the round.

To help your teammates out, you could always whisper the answer to them. You shouldn't say it out loud, because people from the other team could see what you think the answer is and copy it.

There you have it folks, your guide on how to play Scion Solutions! I hope to see you playing some day. Enjoy!



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